Things to Avoid Getting Into A Car Accident in Dubai

Accidents are unexpected events most people don’t wish for, but they cause mostly because of negligence or not taking necessary precautions to prevent it. Although every accident can not be avoided, we can prevent most of them. It starts from the responsibilities of drivers, the occupants in the car, pedestrians, and the authorities that impose the laws.

To avoid accidents, diligence is required, and it is necessary you know about the basic precautions because simple mistakes can cause a ghastly accident. Most accidents in Dubai happen to people within the ages of 18-24 mainly because they don’t follow the rules and the basic precautions.

Even as there have been laws made to prevent accidents and for the roads the safer for drivers in Dubai, it is still necessary for you to play your part to avoid an accident in Dubai because a driver doesn’t have to be the cause before he/she involved in an accident. Therefore, we have compiled a list of things to do to avoid getting into an accident in Dubai.

1. Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Just as obvious as the instruction may seem, it is unfortunate that some drivers get into an accident because of this. Some are too comfortable and as a result of this, they get distracted. Some of these distractions include eating, applying to make up, looking elsewhere like the billboard or poster for too long instead of concentrating on the road ahead. These activities are risky but yet avoidable, make sure you to focus on the road and traffic ahead without being distracted by unnecessary things that can sway your attention.

Also, check your sides and the cars ahead to prepare for the event of an accident that may likely happen.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

2. Never Take Your Hands Off The Steering Wheel

Similarly to the first instruction, you should not be distracted easily and your hands should always be on the steering wheel this will allow you to be on alert and take actions when there is a need to do so.

3. Learn about the Indicators

This instruction is majorly for the newbie drivers, it is imperative you know the car indicators and what they mean on the road. The indicators serve as a means of communication on the road. And also know how to use the indicators to misdirect the other drivers on the road. Indicators reveal your driving intention to other drivers so it must use properly.

4. Be Aware Of the Driving Conditions

You should be more vigilant in certain driving conditions like when driving at night and when it is raining. Try to minimise your car speed and the headlights also kept on. You must adjust to any driving conditions especially in Dubai where there are visibility conditions like dust and sand storms. These conditions are common in Dubai.

Be Aware Of the Driving Conditions

5. Keep Your Car in the Best Condition

Your car also matters you must always check your car before going out that it has no issue and in the best condition to work. If you notice it is not in the best condition, it may not be ideal to take it out. Always make sure it regularly has service check and you can also play your part by topping it with oil and other necessary fluid at the level required.

Your tires should also be inflated properly. If you double check these steps, then your car won’t crash on the road and you have minimised the possibility of an accident.

6. Ignore Aggressive Drivers

With many cars on the road in Dubai, it is likely to see some irresponsible and inexperienced drivers as well. You should not engage in any argument with them, though they may seem frustrating maintaining the best behaviour in these situations as it helps or better still ignore anything they say by closing your window or move far away from them.

Ignore Aggressive Drivers

7. Avoid using mobile phones

Several drivers are in the habit of using their phones or tablets while driving either to receive calls or reading unnecessary messages. Using the phone while driving ranks the top distraction on the road as about 50% of drivers are fond of this habit. You must put your phone far away from you and make sure you don’t attend to calls while driving.

You can put it on the aeroplane mode so calls and messages won’t come into your phone at all, but if you must answer the call, then stop the car to receive it.

8. Use the Seat belts

The seat belts play a crucial role in preventing damages in the car. When at a full speed and you suddenly use the break, the seat belts will allow you to remain in your sitting position so you wouldn’t hit your head against the dashboard directly in front of you. The seat belts are also useful when there are a lot of gallops on the road.

9. Sleeping while driving

There are some drivers especially the young ones who love night driving ignoring to sleep at this period. Falling asleep could be possible for a variety of reasons. Part of it is stress and not sleeping at a normal time.

Sleepless night driving is very dangerous. Because you might not even know when you are already dozing on the steering. It makes someone to lose focus and restless.

There are many night accidents mainly because of sleeping while driving. So you should not drive between 12 and 4 am as these are the period sleepiness may be intense. However, if you must drive at night, you must make you had a proper rest during the day.

Sleeping while driving

10. Avoid overspeeding

Another important cause of accidents is overspeeding on the road. Different reasons such as overconfidence, bragging, lateness to work or place the person should be, and many more. People also check the capabilities and speed of the car. You should limit your speed no matter how late you are, it is better than the outcome of overspeeding.

Aside from being in accidents. There are laws as to speed limits in Dubai, so make sure you are within the maximum speed limit required by the law to avoid fines and penalties under the law. 

People who have rental cars in Dubai must carefully read all the above points.

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