Things To Do Before Renting A Car in Dubai

Relying on public transportation or taxis to get to your favourite locations in the city of Dubai may be stressful and also time-consuming. Therefore, more tourists and indigenes are into renting cars in Dubai, there are a lot of places to explore, and using public transports to get to these places just won’t do. One of the benefits of Dubai is that they build it for driving with its pleasant roads and quality highways, so navigating won’t be an issue.

Dubai also has many companies investing in rental businesses, so it can never be a problem to hire a car. Renting a car has it’s an advantage because some people who love cars may want to update themselves with the latest rides and models, and this can be done by renting. It is affordable and you can ride across the city in your favourite car without spending too much money.

Although, renting may be easy and cheap, but have you considered the policies or things to do before renting a car? Some hirers end up been swindle or pay a large sum of money for damages when there is a breach in rule or policies. No hirer wishes for this but will easily for prey when they don’t do some certain things needed to be done before renting a car. For this reason, we have compiled a list of things that must be done before renting a car in Dubai.

1. Choose The Right Vehicle

This is an important thing to consider before renting a car but, unfortunately, some hirers don’t put this into consideration and they end up hiring a car that does not satisfy their needs or they don’t need that particular car. It is important to know the purpose of renting a car so that the car you are about to choose will serve that purpose.

If you are a family person, you may need a full-sized sedan or SUV, however, if you are a lone traveller, a compact car is the best option so you can save more cash. You should also hire a luxury car if you are travelling for business purposes or a high-profile event.

Choose The Right Vehicle

2. Search About The Rental Company’s Deals

There are many car rental companies in Dubai and also international rental companies such as Avis, Thrifty, Hertz, and so on. Although these companies have different deals, you can also see some local companies at lower rates with the same benefits as international companies.

You only need to search for the best companies with nice offers, you can see the companies with the best affordable rates. You should also check for companies offering deals at discounts, coupons on weekends, and festivals. Companies do this mainly to remain competitive in the market therefore, Seize the advantage and book a car from that at any of these promo periods.

3. Know About The Company’s Policy

This should be the first thing to keep his mind after you have successfully selected the car of your choice to hire. You must know about the company’s policies and read thoroughly, some people have the habit of just glancing through the policies neglecting the key things to note and this put them into a lot of trouble. You should know the company’s policies to be on the safer side. The policies are on their website so you can do yourself a favour by taking the time to read them.

Know About The Company's Policy

4. Make Sure The Car Has A Valid Registration

Some people after arriving in Dubai may become exhausted. They want to get to their hotel as quickly as possible. Even, without checking the validity of the car hired. Understandably, you must try when you arrive. But, it is imperative to check the original registration of your hired car.

You can find out about the registration inside the car you hired. Make sure the number complements the plate number of the car and the documents have not expired.

Make Sure The Car Has A Valid Registration

5. Make Sure You Have A Registered License

You must also ensure you have a registered driver’s license before renting a car. However, you won’t be required to apply for a separate UAE driving license if you already have an international driving license from certain countries. If you live in UAE either on a residential Visa or work permit, a valid UAE driver’s license will require. However, you must have passed the driving test from approved driving institutes in Dubai before granting a license.

6. UAE Border Limitation

You should also know rented cars cannot be driven beyond the UAE borders. This is a strict rule by all rental companies, except there is an agreement with the company to do that.  This will require legal processes.

7. Minimum Age Limit

The age limit to drive in the UAE law is 21 years and above. However, there are still some rental organisations that rent their cars to persons from 18 years old and above.

You should search for these companies if you fall under this category.

8. Accident & Breakdown Policy

These policies are already available on the rental company’s website. Contact them immediately when you notice the car is not working properly. Or even it breaks down or the company will charge you for the damage and repairs.

These policies are there, so read them if you want to hire their car.

9. Determine Your Rental Period in Advance

You should be certain of your rental period before you hire a car. This is important because rates change and vary. You are going to get better offers. Especially if you take a rental car for a month or a week or a longer time frame.

10. Know About The Insurance Options Available

Many companies offer insurance policies. So, before you hire a car, enquire about their insurance policies. The company policy may differ from another previous company you once hired a car from.

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