9 Tips to Get the Cheapest Kia Picanto on Rent in Dubai

When we find ourselves smack-dab at the height of vacation season and in the middle of summer, finding a cheap accommodation may be one of the difficult things to get. The most frustrating aspects of travel planning are to find the cheapest rent a car in Dubai as you may dig deep into your wallet if you do not find the cheapest car rental in Dubai.

There are several diverse ways you can save money on your next car rental from rental agency’s location to rewards programs to prepaying for your car. Are you looking for a Kia Picanto car rental in Dubai UAE? If yes, then you must have a small family! This is because the Kia Picanto car is small for a small family or someone touring around the city of Dubai. You can now rent Kia Picanto in Dubai. Below are nine tips to get a cheapest Kia Picanto on rent in Dubai.


Utilize coupons for even greater savings

you should look for the best coupons and deals before you even set out in search of your rental car. To double down on your savings, you can also combine coupon codes.


Use an online deal aggregator

Site like afford you the opportunity to find great deals on car rental in UAE. Make sure you do not overlook off-brand rental car agencies as you may be able to save from 10% to 50% off of what you suppose to pay for the car.


Don’t rent at the airport

If you like to save as high as 10% to 30% of your entire rental car fee, you should not rent a car at the airport. Instead, you can rent a car online before your arrival or better still, visit their office if you are already in Dubai.


Check with credit card companies and frequent flier programs for partner benefits

In some ways, memberships using certain credit cards or frequent flier programs may not only provide additional insurance coverage but will also offer additional discounts and waive some fees.


Avoid signing on the dotted line for insurance

Additional insurance (although optional in most states) like Personal Effects Coverage and Loss Damage Waivers can account for an additional $20 to $40 per day on your car rental fee. Make sure to check with your existing policy, credit card companies, and AAA before you go signing off on any insurance offered by your car rental company.


Book multiple cars, then cancel as rates get lower

You can cancel a rental car reservation just before you start driving the car – this is unlike plane tickets. This shows that you can make reservations and cancel and re-book if you see prices fall – with many companies.


Look out for and avoid sneaky fees

No matter the amount of gas you left in the car when you dropped it off, you’ll be charged to pay for a two to three times the price of a full tank. You can avoid this to pay less. You can bring some items like GPS, electronic toll collection systems with you to save a lot.


Make your reservation for longer than you anticipate needing the car

you can tack on an extra couple hour or even days to your reservation to lower your car rental fee. This is because most of the car rental companies will count in hours (for daily car rental) or days (for monthly car rental).


Consider using

Yes. This is because they offer the most impressive deals out there. They also offer brand-specific discounts to their customers.

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