What You Need to Know About Global Village

Do you know what a global village is? Let me explain it to you. You are looking for shopping and entertainment globally; you have over 150 days to get better from here. It’s known as a festival park which brings a different culture together.

They are many things to know about the global village-like, restaurant, market, part theme park, and many more. Below, we have explained everything.

Reason to Visit the Global Village

Also, rent a car in Dubai to take you through different places. Here are the reasons you should visit the village.


This place is affordable to almost everyone. You are welcome to enjoy the fascinating attraction of the park here. You will be allowed entering different games, performance, riders for only 15 dollars, what you will need to do, take a ticket for the food, and any outlets within the global village.

The outcoming season can host almost 3500 shopping outlets for 60 games. To enjoy everything, you need 15 dollars.


The primary reason people visit the global village is for shopping for their family. If you need to get the best item, visit the place for shopping. You can buy a unique thing from here. There is much to choose from this place.

You can come to bargain a lot from this fun shopping centre.

Shopping in Global Village

Fun and Entertainment

If you fun of the games and riders, then a global village could be the best choice. You allow playing different games. During the weekends you can get live shows—the place organized for some activity for people who don’t get time during the week.

This place host different type of cultural and entertainment every weekend. Hosting the live show on the stage entertain kids a lot. That is why you need to take a trip here.

A free concert hosts on every Friday. International superstars, you will find them here performing. To name a few of them, Jason Derulo and Liam Payne.

Besides the fun, you can enjoy it during the weekend, and we also have fireworks. Visitors expected here are almost 40000 live shows of the people. Most performances are plans for the weekend. Since the weekend is a public holiday, it is from 4 pm to 1 am.


If you love food, visit a global village, you can get multicultural food offered in the park. Different café offers lovely food. All types of food are here you can enjoy. The list of a few foods offered here includes Candy floss, live candy, peanuts, lupini beans, and many more.

Stunt Shows

During the global village festival, the high voltage stunt show is ready to burst upon the 24th. Watch stunt bikers, battle scenes, floating vehicles, quad bicycles, and mind-blowing beast trucks performing outrageous tricks.


This is an essential reason for some visitors to visit here. It includes Thrill rides, especially attraction and family rides. Here you will get something for everyone. You can come here with your family and enjoy yourself. Most of the Carnaval includes; skills game, plenty of the pizza.

For the thrill-seeker of Dubai, Moscow max is right for you. If you are ride, this place will make you feel weightless. It’s for the first way to experience all the news rides and live shows of the global village.

Visit The Global Village in Dubai

Global village timing

Before visiting the park, we have several factors to consider. You are looking to visit the park soon. The timing is from Saturday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 12 am.

During the public holiday, you will find the park open. The entry gate closed at 12:30 am. So it would be best if you kept time. Timing is essential to everyone.


Everyone likes faster internet to post photos on social media. All of that you can do here. The only and unique entertainment place you can find in the UAE is the world village Dubai.

If you are a visitor here, the entertainment will give you 5G, a super faster internet. The bathrooms have redesigned impressively, including up-degree for people of assurance.


If you want to visit a global village, use the RTA service or rental car in Dubai. You are allowed to join the public using the mention routes. Using the bus, you will need to use different routes. The bathrooms have redesigned impressively, including up-degree for people of assurance.

Public Transport Buses in Dubai

Global village Dubai map

Suppose you want to get to this place for its arduous task. If you are visiting here for the first time, the chance of getting lost is higher. The place built beautiful, and it can make confused. To avoid all that, you need to download the Global Village Dubai Map on your phone to help you trace it.

You can ask everything physical map at the entrance and use that to take you around. Do you have the map of the place? Then things will become easy for you.


The above is essential information you need to know about the global village. We explained everything for you to understand before visiting the place.


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