Don’t Make These Mistakes While Driving to Avoid Traffic Fines in Dubai

Even if you are an expert driver, you can still make minor mistakes while driving. In this article, we will discuss some critical mistakes most drivers make while driving. If you want to avoid traffic fines in Dubai, you need to follow road traffic rules.

Below we have explained some traffic mistakes drivers do while driving. If you want information on how to avoid traffic fines in Dubai, follow them to avoid fine.

Don’t Drink and Drive

This is one of the common mistakes most drivers make before going to the road. To keep you safe and your passenger or family never drive under the influence of alcohol. A drunk driver can cause accidents on the road because of impatience and not seeing the road properly.

In Dubai, traffic police don’t tolerate any of the drivers under alcohol; if you get caught by the police, this could lead to more trouble. State’s rules don’t grant permission to drive when you are drunk. To avoid being taken to jail, you need to observe road rules not to drink any alcohol before going to the road. If the police caught you driving a car and you are an alcoholic, then you will get prison time to catch.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t Park in the Wrong Place

Here is another critical mistake you need to avoid while driving in Dubai. Make sure you park your car in the metering zone and pay for it. It’s not acceptable to park in the wrong place; this can lead you to trouble with Dubai traffic police.

Don’t Run Away

If you are driving in Dubai and break traffic violations, do not run away from traffic police. In case you make a mistake on the road to avoid more fine don’t run from those police traffic, they can make life harder for you.

Do not Look Away off the Road

If you are driving a car, it’s recommendable to use side mirrors to avoid causing a minor accident. Some drivers make mistakes by not following the road ahead while driving. If you are driving on a Dubai or UAE road, you will get a car driving too close. Therefore, taking your eye off the road could lead to accidents to other cars around you.

You can cause an accident when the traffic is ambling. Such times need you to take your eyes on the road and use side morrows to avoid traffic.

Don’t Check Your Mobile

According to Dubai’s traffic rule, checking the mobile phone, or picking a call is not allowed. Keep your eye contact on the road while you’re driving. Mostly Dubai road has traffic that can take you even an hour at peak time. 

For such a situation, don’t pull out your car to watch a video or call. By doing that, the police will pull you out of the car and find you for disobeying traffic rules.

We recommend waiting until you are out off the road and take your phone for the selfie. Besides that, do not apply makeup or wear sunglasses while driving here in Dubai.

Don't checkout your phone

Don’t Over Speed

Here is another critical mistake most drivers make while driving. Over speeding on Dubai roads is illegal. You are not allowed to exceed the maximum speed of the 80/ km per hour. If you are in a hurry, it can put you in danger as a driver.

To avoid traffic fine, try to slow down when driving and not to compete with other vehicles. Since you will over speed and police found out to put you on a fine. Over speeding is not tolerated in the entire world, not only in Dubai. Therefore, if the police found you, that is another story.

Don’t Over Speed in Dubai

Do not forget to Wear the Seat Belt

When you are driving in Dubai, one mistake, most of the drivers do not wear or forget to wear their seat belts. Traffic police will fine you if found not wearing. This applied to the passenger you are carrying also must wear a seat belt for both of you to avoid traffic fine.

Do not miss to Wear a Seat Belt

Don’t Pass the Red Light

Another mistake most drivers make is driving on the red light. Even if you are alone on the road, do not even think to jump a red light. This can cause you more penalties and problems. To avoid it, stop where there is a red light.

The red light passing can cause an accident if you are a careless driver who doesn’t observe road rules.

Are you Riding the Double Line?

Another mistake most of the drivers make while driving, they went into the double line and continue driving. When the traffic police find you on the double line, then you will be heavily charged.

Ignoring Obstacles Gesturer

When you drive, it’s essential to follow traffic rules and avoid fines. Some mistakes seem simple to follow, but drivers most of the time ignore them when you are driving. It’s essential to make eye contact on the road and see some obstacles such as fuel signs,  in such a place you should slow down.

Don’t be Afraid to Report Road Authority

When you are driving in Dubai, be keen to check on the other car. If you report something, maybe over speeding, you can see people live. The traffic police might reach the driver before causing an accident on the road. You need to stop and call the police on the incident that might happen on the road for such issues.

Don’t Put on Louder Music

Most of the drivers put on louder music, Even though drivers could not listen to anything happening. If they catch you driving with louder music on the road, then you will get fined. When you drive, try to be silent so you become active when you drive a car.


The above are the most common best mistakes drivers make while driving on the road. If you follow this list, then you will not be fined by the traffic police.

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