Benefits of Renting Hatchbacks on a Monthly Rental

The car rental business has always been an essential part of Dubai’s thriving transport industry. Car rentals ensure that public transport services are not overcrowded. They also ensure that people who seek a comfortable means of transport get what they desire.

Why Do People Rent Cars?

People rent cars for many reasons. Some do so for business, and others do it for pleasure. But one thing rented car users have in common is that they all seek comfort above anything else. The need to go for Family vacations, business trips, and grocery runs are some of the reasons people rent cars.

After you decide to rent a car, the next thing you should think about is the type of car to go for. Utility cars or luxurious cars. This choice should depend on your personal need. Identifying your needs is crucial because cars are designed with the need of users in mind.

One of the most widely used cars in Dubai is Hatchback. This car is a utility vehicle with a large interior space that is purpose-built for comfort. But is the Hatchback a vehicle that you should rent on a monthly rental? Why you should rent a car when you can own one?

If you read on, you will find out why paying a monthly rental for a Hatchback may be a better option.

Why Do People Rent Cars

Benefits of Renting a Hatchback

 Let us review some of the benefits of renting a Hatchback or any car specification for that matter instead of buying one.

Owning a Car is a Luxury in Dubai

Not many people know this. Especially new arrivals coming into the country on a work visa. Dubai is a highly metropolitan city with world-class social infrastructure. Part of the UAE’s social infrastructure is its public transport service.

The UAE has some of the best trains and public buses you will find anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the entire city is an interconnected space connecting one end of the city to the other.

While this is one of the perks of living in the UAE, it has its downsides for private car ownership. A premium tax is placed on cars, so owning one becomes a lot more expensive. The government knows they have good facilities to cater to the needs of the thriving population. So they tax private vehicle ownership to raise revenue.

With this in mind, instead of buying a car, you may not use regularly, why not rent a Hatchback for your family trip to Sharjah or any other location.

Owning a Car is a Luxury in Dubai

Travel in Style and Comfort

A Hatchback is an adorable utility vehicle because it is designed to provide two things: comfort and style. When you have friends flying in for vacation, planning for outdoor events with a Hatchback is a lot easier. This utility vehicle has a very large rear room space to pack all your personal effects.

If you plan to go camping in the desert, you need to take along your camping gear. Going for sand walks may not require much luggage, but beach visits do. A Hatchback allows your travelling party to make journeys in style and comfort.

Avoid Maintenance Costs

If you own a car, you will spend a certain amount on gas and maintenance every month. Even if you don’t drive it for a while, the car still needs to visit an auto shop for servicing. If you rent a Hatchback, you only pay the rental fee and nothing else.

With Rental Cars UAE, there are no extra charges associated with enjoying a rental service. The company handles all maintenance responsibilities and bears the costs therein.

Reduce the Wear and Tear of Your Personal Vehicle

Even if you own your vehicle, using a car rental service is still beneficial. Some will argue that this is a waste of money. On the surface, such an argument makes sense. But at a closer look, you will realize that not using your car all the time saves it from wear and tear.

You may pay a little more than gas money to rent a car, but your vehicle can cool off for the time being. Renting a car once in a while increases the life span of your car by a few months or even up to a year.

Older Model Cars Consume More Gas

Is your car running on the latest engine technology, or is it running on an older version? Do you know that old model engines consume more fuel? Yes, they do. And this will drain your finances even more if you use it regularly.

Older Model Cars Consume More Gas

Driving several miles a day for most of the year will eat deep into your pocket. Renting a Hatchback for your important or leisure runs saves you money. However, using a rented car will save you more cash than you know.

The Hatchback model cars on Rental Cars UAE platform are of the latest model. They are elegant yet fuel-efficient.   Besides, you should hire one for your personal use so that you can spend less on gas. Now is the time to enjoy more mileage for less.

It Gives you the Opportunity to Explore

The UAE is replete with amazing places you should visit at every opportunity you get. This is especially true if you are only here on a visit. Visiting the Mall and enjoying continental cuisines is not all there is to the island. There are natural and architectural wonders dotting the entire length and breadth of Dubai.

Relying on public transport services may discourage you from visiting some of the brilliant tourist hotspots around. With a rented car like a Hatchback, however, you can make split decisions to go on tour because you have a car at your disposal. Furthermore, there are some interiors desert locations that you can only get to with a private vehicle. Renting a car affords you journey flexibility.



Renting Hatchbacks on a monthly rental is affordable. Rental companies offer affordable Hatchbacks deals to tourists and residents at affordable prices. Their services cover the usage of the car for the entire contractual period.

In case of a break down when the rental contract is still running, the rental company will provide you with another Hatchback vehicle. If you prefer a change, arrangements will be made to provide a different car based on your preference.

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