Why Smart Compact Cars are Special

One of the things you will notice after opening the driver’s door of a compact car is a unique dashboard. The cars do not come with buttons and dials expected in traditional cars. Instead, they come with a huge smooth touchscreen that displays the fuel level, signaling left or right, speed, and choosing or changing the radio stations.

In addition to the basic information, smart compact cars provide a wide range of details because they connect to the internet easily. You will have all information you need when driving. You can access the traffic and weather information, charging station recommendations, recharge stations, restaurants, and hotels without a problem.

Smart cars are easily recognizable due to their sleek, futuristic design. Their engines are quieter than those of the traditional cars are, and they emit minimal fumes. The vehicles are either electric or hybrid. Hybrid cars run on both gas and electricity.

Manufacturers program them to switch to gas after their battery runs out. Therefore, they emit less carbon dioxide. On the other hand, electric smart cars run on electricity from their battery alone.

The Smart Compact Cars to Expect in the Market

Here are five of the smart, compact cars you will find in the market. You can rely on Car Rental in Dubai to get some of the cars during your next trip. They are safe and cost-effective.

1. 2018 Brabus 125R

This smart compact car comes with a powerful engine, which offers over 400hp. The 2018 Brasbus 125R is among the special car models you can rent in Dubai.

The car comes with 17 inches alloy wheels wrapped in Yokohama rubber. Its aero enhancement kit adds contrasting side skirts, front spoiler, and tri-exhausts surrounds. The car has been turning heads.

Rent 2018 Brabus 125R in Dubai

2. Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is among the elegantly designed smart compact cars in the market today. The exterior design might make you happy, but you will be happier after finding out what to expect in its interior. This car comes with advanced brake systems. It will detect any car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and large animals.

Besides, its lane-keeping assist operates on the braking system and steering system to prevent the car from leaving its lane. It further features a sensor to detect your drowsiness and send alerts to wake you. Its pilot assist system is designed to manage braking, steering, and acceleration.

Rent Volvo XC60 in Dubai


3. Chevrolet Bolt EV

This is another smart compact car designed for city cruising. While the vehicle is only 168 inches long, its inside is comfortable. A single charge will cover 240 miles.

Therefore, you will only recharge the car a few times each month if the distance from your home to your office is short. When it comes to performance, this car will easily hit 60 mph within 7 seconds. The 10 inches display makes the control part easy.

Rent Chevrolet Bolt EV in Dubai


4. Toyota Camry

It is hard to leave the Toyota Camry out of this list. On the outside, this car is a sleek sedan. Inside, it is more like a super-computer designed to keep you safe. The car comes with many advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking, automatic high beams, and lane-keeping assist.

The safety features, driving assistance features, and great performance have earned this car many awards. This car won the Top Safety Pick Award, Award of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and The Overall 5-star Rating of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So, if safety is your top priority, this car is a good choice.

Rent Toyota Camry in Dubai

5. Tesla Model X

Tesla is a household name in the modern car market. Founded by Elon Musk, Tesla works hard to ecofriendly smart cars loaded with many tech features. Tesla Model X is among the models from the company currently in the market.

Unlike the self-driving Tesla vehicle, this model offers the driver full driving control. As the driver, you will enjoy the offered gadgets and safety features.

Speaking of the features, this car is a falcon-wing door car. Your passengers will have an easier time getting in and out of the car.

Further, the design prevents the placing of luggage on the roof. Inside the vehicle, you will find a 17 inches touchscreen. This touchscreen is the command center. You can type anything you want the vehicle to do.

Rent Tesla Model X in Dubai

The Benefits of Smart Compact Car Models over the Traditional Models

Smart compact cars have gotten a bad reputation within the last few years. However, innovations are changing their design and operation. Car manufacturers developed smart vehicles to evolve with society.

Hence, cars are always changing to match the needs of people who drive them. That is the key reason you would want to choose a smart compact car for city cruising. Here are the benefits that this type of car offers.

Lower Fuel Costs

Smart compact cars combine fuel-saving technologies with gas alternatives, including electric power. Owners of smart compact cars pay less when petrol prices are high. As a result, they can save more money in the long term.

Fewer Repairs

Smart cars come with the most recent technologies. For that reason, they will be in the best working condition. In other words, they go bad less often, and their repair schedules are predictable. While some of the older models have a short battery life, the modern models have overcome the issue.

Easier Parking

Smart compact cars take up lesser space. Hence, they are easier to park. You will not encounter any problem when parking them on the street or in any car park spot designated for the compact car models.

That can help reduce traffic congestion in urban centers. Again, the capability of the new generation steering allows faster parking in parallel parking spots.

Perfect for City Cruising

Overall, smart compact cars are designed for city cruising. They use less petrol and perform better than the vehicles made for expressways. Furthermore, they come with built-in safety and navigational features that make life easier.

Still, you can use your smart compact car for long trips. They offer a large space for luggage. You will appreciate all the features they offer when traveling.



You can hire compact cars in Dubai for the best road trips. The cars come with many benefits, and the rental price tag is not scary. A compact car rental will use less petrol and help you navigate Dubai in the best way possible. Furthermore, cars offer ample storage space and many safety features.

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