Best Car for Rent for Small Family

Are you about to set your feet in the city of Dubai from your country? If yes and you have a small family to take along, then we have a special package for you at You can now rent a car for small family. We have several cars to choose from to suit your small family. You can now rent a Kia Picanto in Dubai. The Kia Picanto car is now available for rent at a lower price from our monthly car rental in Dubai or when you visit our website at

Do you love sports cars? Then, the car you need is the Kia Picanto car. It is an excellent car for a small family. The Kia Picanto car is a sedan sports car that fits your personality and that of your family! If you have a family of 4 members or five members (from whom one is a kid), then the Kia Picanto car will occupy you all comfortably. When you take a ride in this small car, you will be pleasingly stunned. This is because of the several features that came with the car. Some of which include a 7″ touchscreen on the dashboard to provide a great view of the rear side of the car and airbags to provide security for every occupant of the car.

When you rent a Kia Picanto car from our car rental in Dubai, you will enjoy a lot of packages that will come with it. Some of the packages include the entertainment packages which will give you a smooth ride. In addition to this, the car comes with Android and Apple CarPlay Auto functions for easy connectivity of your smartphone to boost the entertainment as well as 3D maps for easy navigation. This navigation will help you across the routes in Dubai. The car is full of creative design which your kids will enjoy – colourful dashboard air vents and doors alongside the flashes of colour on the sides of the seat upholstery. The mirror in the Kia Picanto car also make use of three different sources of light to perfectly illuminates you as you make use of the mirror.

To provide you with enough security, the car comes with three seat belts. Being a small family does not mean that you won’t pack loads while travelling. The Kia Picanto has a cargo space of up to 265 litres, and it can accommodate 2 to 3 pieces of luggage. The cargo space can be increased to a massive 1,010 litres when the second seat of the car is flattened.

As you can see, we have made provision for your small family when visiting Dubai. Just visit and book for the Kia Picanto car of your choice (regarding colour). We will provide a free delivery service for you when you rent the car for 30 days and above. At, we take pride from the comfort of our customers.

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