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Best Day of the Week to Rent a Car

Are you looking for the best car lease in Dubai, UAE? Then, you are welcome to where you will get the leasing for your car. At, you can rent a car on any day of the week, and you will get the same offer. The best day of the week to rent a car in Dubai is every day of the week. This is done to make everybody enjoy the same benefit and to annul a form of segregation. Some people may not have time for some days of the week but only during the weekend while some others may not have time during weekends but in the week.

You can rent a car on a daily basis in Dubai and the day can be any day of the week. Don’t fret; you will enjoy the same benefit as another day of the week. At, you can rent a car on the daily, or weekly basis. However, you can rent a car for AED 1000 per month in Dubai at There are no different offers for a different day. If you rent a car for the day, you will be charged based on the daily rental offers and same goes for the weekly and monthly car rentals.

However, there are a lot of benefits attached to car leasing in Dubai, UAE. Some of which include a free delivery service when you rent a car for 30 days and above from, the opportunity of getting an unlimited mileage on some of our selected cars either on daily, weekly or monthly basis. All the cars from our car leasing in Dubai, UAE are all comprehensively insured – this will give room for crashes and damages. From our car lease in Dubai, UAE, we don’t charge much for the security fee, and the charges also depend on the type of car you decide to rent from our fleets.

At, we offer the cheapest car rental on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in Dubai. All the features we offer in our car rental packages are available any day of the week. Whether you are ready to rent a car on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or even on Sundays, you will enjoy all the benefits. However, if you will like to make use of our car for more than half of the month, you can then rent a car for the month for just AED 1000 per month. This is to make sure you enjoy the full benefits of our monthly car rental like the free delivery service which is only available when you rent a car for 30 days or more.

What else are you waiting for? Why not stand up now and pay a visit to our office in Dubai or visit to choose and book for the car of your choice and rent a car on a daily basis. You will never regret leasing a car in Dubai, UAE.