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Car dealers do not offer short-term car leases, such as three and six-month leases, on new vehicles. They only provide leases that are over 24 months. Generally, most leases are between 36 and 39 months, making it hard to get leases less than 12 months. Rental Cars UAE is the best choice if you need the best short-term car leases. The company offers 6 months lease option for travelers and UAE residents.

The short-term leases are ideal for people planning to spend less than 6 months in the UAE. Therefore, you can choose them if you are in the UAE for a temporary job assignment, school, vacation, or special family needs. Here is how to lease a car with

The Car Leasing Process

Most short-term lessors choose the trusted brands like Rental Cars UAE. However, you do not need to walk into any office to set up a 6 monthly lease in the UAE. You can complete the whole process online. A quick look at the website will help you identify the best deals.

After opening the site, you will have to choose the type of car you need. After that, select the standard components for a short-term car lease such as insurance, maintenance, and registration. The rental car company has listed them.

After picking the car, you will have to visit the offices of Rental Cars UAE to finalize the deal. The rental company will require you to sign a contract and provide several supporting documents. They will also require your UAE driver’s license, residence visa, international driver’s license, passport, and credit card.

You can still lease a car in the UAE if your Residence Visa has not been issued. Unfortunately, you will have to prove that you are in the country on an unexpired visit visa. For a few people, that is as simple as showing the details the authorities stamped on your passport after arrival. You can update your driving license, credit card, and leasing agreement after issuing the Residence Visa. If you are a tourist, an international driving license will be important.

The Benefits of 6 Months Car Lease

Vehicles are expensive, and you would not afford to buy one for every vacation or business trip to the UAE. Rental Cars UAE offers 3-6 months leasing options. They allow you to choose a car that matches your needs. The choices range from 3 door hatchbacks to high-performance supercars. They can meet almost any requirement. Ahead are the benefits you will enjoy by choosing a 6 monthly car lease agreement.

The Benefits of 6 Months Car Lease


– 6 Month Leases are Affordable

Cars on lease are cost-efficient, and this is among the top benefits. A short-term car lease will help you save more money than you would after choosing daily or weekly car rentals. You will end up saving around 30-60 percent of the amount you would spend. Furthermore, the car dealers will consider your needs when setting the monthly installments. They want you to drive a good car at a reasonable price.

– Low Maintenance Charges

One of the big benefits of leasing cars is that you will never worry about repair and maintenance costs. The dealers insure them for any form of damages. That is not possible with daily, weekly, or monthly car rentals.

– No Hassles

You will never worry about selling the lease car after your vacation or temporary job is over. After the lease period ends, Rental Cars UAE will offer you the option of renewing it or getting another car. So, you will always drive a youthful, charming car.

– Plenty of Car Choices

Car manufacturers upgrade their cars with the most recent features regularly. So, if one of your goals is to drive a car with the latest features, a 6-month lease is worth your consideration. Buying a vehicle and changing it after 6 months or 1 year is nearly impossible. On the other hand, leasing allows you to drive a new car after a short time.

– Enhance Your Driving Skills

If you were new to the world of driving and more prone to accidents, renting a car would be the best thing to do. You can choose one of the available cheap car rental deals. Such deals will help you enhance your driving skills. Buy comprehensive insurance to cover all damages in the event of an accident. A short-term car lease will also help you gain the skills you need.

How is a 6 Months Car Lease Different from a Long-term Car Rental?

Long-term car rentals are flexible, cost-effective, and convenient. The rentals are over 28 days, and they are ideal for customers who need a car for several weeks or months. Long-term car rentals are not different from short-term car leasing. Some people may even use the “short-term car leasing” and “long-term car leasing” interchangeably. Unfortunately, long-term car rentals are expensive.

How is a 6 Months Car Lease Different from a Long-term Car Rental


Why Choose RentalcarsUAE 6 Month Lease Services?

RentalcarsUAE has a big network of long- and short-term lease operators. They will help you find the best 6-month lease deals in the country. When the lease period ends, they will help you extend it if a need arises.

Further, the company will find you cheap lease solutions in addition to quality services. Keep in mind that the process of hunting for your car of choice can take a long time, particularly if you start hunting just before you need the car. So, you might need to consider some of the available alternatives.


Rental Cars UAE offers car lease options from 3 months to 24 months. Each lease option requires you to pay a pre-agreed amount of money in addition to fixed monthly payments. Short-term lease programs that the company offers do not finance agreements, and the car you lease will remain their property. Also, they do not offer the option of buying the car after the short-term lease period ends. Short-term car leases, such as a 6-month lease, are ideal for people planning to spend several months in the UAE.

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