Car Rental Practices to Avoid in 2021

A rental car will open up many unique opportunities during your trip. Whether you are planning for a one-day trip, a one-week trip, or even a one-month trip, a rental car will enable you to reach many places easily. Some people opt for conventional car rentals. They opt to book a rental car online, pick it up at the airport, and return it after their vacation or within one week or two.

However, a single mistake during the car rental process may cost you a lot of money and affect your travel plans. Here are the common practices you would want to avoid when searching for the next best car rental option in 2021.

1. Buying Insurance Coverage that You Do Not Need

When buying your cheap car rental Dubai insurance, you have to research what you need. Most rental companies will sell many insurance policies to you so that they can make more money. Therefore, check whether you are already covered before buying any of the insurance. Your auto insurance may cover rental cars, and your credit card company may offer a free rental car insurance plan if you use their credit card for the car booking.

Credit card companies will also require the name of the driver to match that on the credit card for the plan to work. Keep in mind that drivers below the age of 25 years have to buy additional rental car insurance. So, call your auto insurance provider or credit card company to know whether the plan they offer will cover you.

2. Failing to Refill the Gas Tank

Car rental companies rarely include fuel in the rental price. They mostly offer three fuel options during the booking stage. You can choose to refill the tank, let the Rent a Car in Dubai company do the refilling at their set rate, or prepay for the whole tank at a lower price. If you choose to refill the tank, you will have to refill it to the original point when returning the car.

Rental companies are known to set the fuel price slightly than the market price. For that reason, returning the car with a full fuel tank is a good idea. Prepayment for the gas means that you will lose out because you are unlikely to return the vehicle with an empty tank. When refilling, remember to put extra fuel to ensure that the tank will have the required amount when returning it.

You Need the App When Paying for Fuel

3. Failure to Research Many Rental Options

The rental car market offers many car rental companies. Therefore, you will find several companies in every place you travel to, and each of them will have different types of cars. Furthermore, each of the companies will charge different prices.

Some may offer many car pick up and drop off locations than others do. A quick example, vehicle rental companies situated at the airport are more expensive than those situated in areas that are less convenient for tourists are. Besides, some car rental companies will offer discounts and more extras.

So, remember to research different car rental companies before settling on one so that you can choose only the best. Check the type of rental cars they provide and their prices at different dates and different rental lengths.

Check everything they include in their rental costs to be sure that there are no hidden costs. The internet offers many free tools such as Skyscanner to help you compare many car rental companies. Use them always.

4. Ignoring the Car Inspection Part

Before you start driving any rental car, remember to inspect it and note all the damages – regardless of how small they are. Mostly, one of the rental company employees will accompany you for the inspection and provide you with documentation of all the scratches and dents that the company is aware of. An inspection allows you to pinpoint any damages that the company might have missed.

If no one accompanies you for the inspection, take photos of all the scratches and dents, and report everything to the company before you drive. Check the inside for stains and tears. The company will blame any unreported damage on you after you drive off.

A proper inspection will help you avoid incurring unnecessary costs. If a mechanical problem crops up or the car fails immediately after driving off, take it back to the lot immediately.

Ignoring the Car Inspection Part

5. Taking GPS as an Extra

If the vehicle you are renting is not equipped with a GPS, car rental companies may rent you a navigation system or a GPS. They allow customers to keep the systems for the whole rental period. While that might sound like a good idea, the systems are expensive.

Instead of renting one, use Google Maps. If you do not have a sim card, buy a GPS before starting your trip. You will save a lot of money.

6. Renting at the Airport

Avoid renting a car at the airport because you will pay more. One of the reasons behind the high prices is the airport taxes, which are twice the taxes expected in other places. Still, the cost of doing business in airport locations is always high.

Rent in places where office space and parking lots are considered premium is high. Mostly, rental car companies with offices far from the airport provide free transport to and from the airport. Their services will help you avoid many hassles.

Renting at the Airport

7. Not Checking the Car Transmission System

Automatic cars are more expensive than manual cars. While manual cars might be the only option in many parts of the world, you have to check the type of car you are about to book. If you are more comfortable driving an automatic car, ask for an automatic option. You would not want to find yourself stuck in a foreign country with a manual car.

Not Checking the Car Transmission System

8. Returning the Vehicle Late

Your Rent, a Car in Dubai company, might charge you more for returning the car late depending on your contract terms. Some companies have strict deadlines, but others are flexible with the drop-offs. Actually, many companies will charge you for one extra day if you arrive 20 minutes late. Read the car return policy to avoid spending more money.



You might be tempted to rent a new Mercedes Convertible or a shiny BMW. However, if your goal is to enjoy your trip and save money, be sensible and practical. Cheap car rental Dubai companies provide many car classes.

They will have compact cars, midsize cars, and even luxurious cars. Choose one that will not give you headaches if damages occurred.

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