Car Rental with The Latest Technology in a Compact Package

While looking for a car rental in Dubai with the latest technology features Hyundai i10 has its perks and benefits. It is a piece of attention that has comfort and safety with a sporty twist in the outer body. Having a bold and smart design, with the best features of the technology makes it stand out among other rental cars.

You can get this amazing set of wheels from our car rental with the latest technology in a compact package. Furthermore, Hyundai has given a detailed touch in everything including daytime LEDs running, fog lights; multi-function steering wheel specifically hatchback body type.

What Makes it – The Best Compact Package Car?

The Hyundai i10 comes with power door locks, child safety locks, CD player with Aux-in and USB connectivity. More so, the adjustable steering wheel, keyless entry, central locking gives the car enthusiasts a perfect travel exposure. To keep your personal belongings a spacious boot is available in the car.

The car is also cost-efficient as for a day you will be charged only AED 85. In the case of weekly car rental, you will pay AED 480. Furthermore, while renting the car for a month it will cost you AED 1290 per month.

The Best Compact Package Car

Latest Technology in a Compact Car

The Hyundai i10 works for every event and has sufficient space to fit in your five people at once. On the other hand, we have also highlighted some other top features that come with this car.

Prolific Variety of Features

As Hyundai i10 has 4 different variants, so the SE is equipped with a high quality 3.8″ touch screen whereas the SE Connect, Premium, and N Line are equipped with a smartphone integrated high quality 8″ screen. Moreover, this cheap rental car has another variety of features for your comfort.

For instance, parking sensors, navigation system on touch screen, multi-function, automated air conditioning system. Likewise, the latest tech feature of Bluetooth connectivity allows to stream music and calls along with wireless charging pad.

Cruise Control System

In Dubai, car rental companies offer a car with the cruise control system. Although not many compact cars own this feature. As it allows the driver to set the speed and with the help of speed limiter. So that you can safely drive within full control of your vehicle.

Reliable to Drive Around

The cruise control and speed limiter of Hyundai i10 also come with the ADBs braking system. For car geeks, it is just relaxing and pleasure to drive it across the town or on a motorway or anywhere. Moreover, it has an LKA system and ECS which is very efficient.

Reliable to Drive Around

  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

The LKA is based on monitoring the cameras that are installed at the front to keep in check with the road lane. Moreover, for an emergency, there is an alert driver that helps to take sudden decisions.

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

The Electronic Stability Control keeps the vehicle stable if any sudden brake or movement is detected.

  • Allows Safe & Secure Atmosphere

When you rent a car in such a compact package you will not be offered so many safety features. But Hyundai i10 has a basic Emergency calling system to contact the emergency services.

Moreover, six airbags are deployed for a minimum impact during a car crash. There is also an SOS button that will reach help in case you need it.

Hyundai i10 Mileage

The Hyundai i10 offers 16.95km/l mileage on local routes or in town. However, on highways and motorways, the mileage is 19.81km/l.

Budget-Friendly Car with Powerful Engine

The Hyundai i10 offers 3 types of engines out of which 2 are petrol type and one is LPG.

  • Manual Transmission

Most of the Hyundai i10 variants have a manual transmission of a 5-speed gearbox. The purpose of this gearbox is to provide a smooth drive and precise transmission on the roads.

  • Automated Transmission

The Hyundai i10 model is also being made for the automated transmission. That is just as nearly to be perfect with all the ECS and LKA and ADBs braking system. However, the automated transmission was the final piece as it uses a 4speed gearbox.


All car geeks who prefer the cheapest car rental in Dubai with all the latest technology features must rent Hyundai i10. As many cars that have a variety of technology comes at a higher price. But if you rent a car from our agent you can save so much money. Furthermore, for your ease, this perfect tech car will be offered at your doorstep right after booking.

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