These Cars Only Found In Dubai

Dubai is among the most exciting and glamorous cities in the World. Some years ago, this beautiful city did not look at how it is today. It changed after the demand for oil in the world increased, and the UAE was a key supplier.

As the wealth of this country increased, the wealth of the residents increased too. The residents started arranging parties, buying lions and cheetahs, and even modified cars.

The city offers the tallest building in the world and the biggest man-made island. People travel from all corners of the globe to witness the wonders. The emirates in this city are very rich such that they buy the most expensive vehicles to show off. For that reason, expect to see several bizarre vehicles here.

They range from supercars converted to limousines and solid gold cars. Here is a shortlist of the cars you will only find in Dubai.

1. Brabus Rocket 900

One of the powerful vehicles you will ever come across is the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG. The car comes with a V12 engine for large power output. However, Dubai has a company that redesigned this vehicle to another level.

The company is Brabus, and they changed the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG to make the Brabus Rocket 900. The car offers a gold-coloured interior plus the power of the V-12 engine. The V12 engine offers a torque of 885-foot pound and 888 horsepower.

Rent Brabus Rocket 900 in Dubai

2. Ferrari Limo

Perhaps you have come across several limos in your life or hired one for an event. Most people who rent limos do not mind about the make or model. However, Dubai offers a unique limo – the Ferrari Modena 360.

Its performance is closer to that of the normal Modena, but it comes with gull-wing doors. The presence of a Ferrari limo might surprise you.

However, that is not until you have seen a vehicle covered with gold and diamonds from head to tail. You will come across this car when driving in the city and you can rent it too. It offers room for eight passengers and delivers power equal to that of the Ferrari. Hire it when driving to a party to spend less time on the road.

Rent Ferrari Limo in Dubai

3. Bugatti L’Or Blanc

Some economy cars you see around could be expensive after remodelling. That might be hard to believe, but the Bugatti L’Or Blanc proves that it is possible. This car is an upgrade to the Buggati Veyron. It boasts a porcelain exterior, but the combination of blue and white colour completes it.

The builder used porcelain inlays, which he placed carefully on the car and refined it to remove all defects. That might be the reason the car is more beautiful than the original one. The owner of this handmade car is an emirate from Dubai. He paid $2.5 million to get it.

Rent Bugatti L'Or Blanc in Dubai

4. Mercedes SLR Sports

Possibly, you have heard of vehicles that come with the 1.600 HP V10 engine. First, the car can speed up from 0mph to 60mph in less than 2 seconds. Second, they run on biofuel. Third, it makes one of the cars of pure white gold.

We are speaking of the Mercedes SLR Sports Coupe. Unlike other gold supercars, the Mercedes SLR Sports Coupe is not gold plated. It is made of real gold sheets. Further, it is worth $2.5 million and comes with a V10 engine that has 4 turbos.

The engine produces nearly 1,600 hp. It runs on biofuel to reduce environmental pollution. Still, it produces an exorbitant amount of power.

Rent Mercedes SLR Sports in Dubai

5. Lamborghini Veneno

The Lamborghini Veneno is among the rare vehicles you should expect to find in Dubai. There are only four Lamborghini Venenos in the world. Lamborghini created it during its 50th-anniversary for its customers. A wealthy supercar enthusiast from UAE purchased this vehicle, and you will find it in Dubai.

Each car was going for $3.5 million. The owner is anonymous, but he is among the few lucky people in the world.

Rent Lamborghini Veneno in Dubai

6. Lykan Hypersport

This is another unique hyper-car from W Motors in the UAE. The vehicle appeared in the Furious 7 series for the first time. It swooped front end and the pointed, aggressive lights provide it with a menacing look. The manufacturer studded its lights with precious gems like rubies.

Besides, they used gold thread to stitch its seats. The car is extremely fast, and it speeds up from 0mph to 62mph within 2.8 seconds. However, the car is made of pure gold means that it is very expensive. It has a $3.4 million price tag.

Rent Lykan Hypersport in Dubai

7. The Batmobile

This Batmobile replica is exceptional, and it proves that the UAE has many billionaires. You are likely to come across this car when driving in Dubai. The owner of this Batmobile replica is Team Galag.

Team Galag is also the builder of this car. However, the vehicle does not appear in any movie, and you might therefore need to travel to Dubai to see it.

The creator adapted it from one of the popular video games. In the video game, it shoots cannons from its turret. It further features machine guns on its front side in the video. If you are currently in Dubai, do not leave until you have seen it.

Rent The Batmobile in Dubai

8. Solid Gold Lamborghini

Lamborghini is known for creating some of the best machines in the globe. This Italian car manufacturer uses high-quality materials to manufacture vehicles. Actually, most millionaires and celebrities own the V12 supercar. That makes it a more popular and desirable vehicle for individuals who can afford it.

However, wealthy people in Dubai are always looking for unique cars. The Solid Gold Lamborghini is made of solid gold. Further, the manufacturers curved it from a solid gold block weighing over 1,100 pounds.

After every procedure, only 55 pounds of gold remained on it. That alone makes the car extremely expensive. It is worth $7.5 million.

Rent Solid Gold Lamborghini in Dubai


The above list represents some cars to rent in Dubai you are unlikely to find in any other part of the world. When touring the city, you will come across many other supercars made of gold and diamond.

They include the Coined Range Rover and Gold Nissan GTR. Each of them will make a memorable scene. Last, remember to take a few photos to show your friends.

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