How to Check Car Fine in UAE?

When being in the UAE and driving as a tourist, you should know the local traffic Police. If you get picked by the police for a traffic violation with your vehicle, it’s always useful to know how to check car fine in UAE to resolve the inconvenience and pay it easily.

In this short article, we will see methods to check car fine in UAE easier than ever before. It’s important to settle everything before exiting the country; otherwise, you risk being denied entrance in any future visit to the Emirates.

Go to The Traffic Department in Person

The most prominent answer to check a vehicle fine would be to go to the traffic department in person. You may find a big line of people waiting to be served, but you will soon be served by a gentle officer that will deal with your traffic violation.

Getting there in person is a good solution for people in Dubai who don’t mind waiting for a while before paying their fine. However, if you don’t want to mess with public authorities, keep reading to know the other ways.

Visit the Online Portal of The Traffic Department

Another good option  would be to pay a visit to a local police traffic department. You should know that all traffic fines in the UAE are interconnected with the central police reporting system.

In other words, when an officer gives you a car fine for certain traffic or parking violation, the information is shared in a common folder. No matter which Emirate you are, you can visit the local Police department to pay your fine, and continue your exotic trip to the desert and the other sites.

Ask the Local Police Officers

Many tourists really don’t know how to check car fine in UAE since they have no idea where to find the local police officers. On the contrary, in the Emirates, the police officers’ presence is virtually everywhere.

For that reason, you can trust your traffic vehicle fine to the local police officer who can log in to the system and give you accurate information about the department you need to go to pay the fine.

You always have the chance to log in to the Department of Traffic violations portal and pay the fine through the credit card or direct bank wire fines system.

Visit the Police Department

Of course, if you have no other knowledge of checking car fine, you can go to the police department close to your hotel or the airport. The officers would be really glad to help you pay your fine and will listen to any objections you may have.

Find the Local Municipal Agency that Collects Traffic Fines

Suppose you have been in the desert for many days and don’t have much time to visit the city of Dubai (or any other city in the Emirates). In that case, you can still find some municipal agency shops that are open for multiple hours throughout the business days.

There, the employees can log in to the same traffic violations and fines system and find the ones that match your vehicle’s tags. You can pay by cash in local currency or through a credit card, whatever is more convenient for you.

When visiting the UAE, you need to know that vehicle fines are tough, and there is a zero-tolerance policy for tourists that don’t pay them. It could cost you the re-entrance in the country, so it’s better to pay your fines.

By following few precautions, you can avoid heavy traffic fines as well.



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