10 Child Safety Rules In UAE While Driving

Child safety rules are very necessary to talk about, if not for anything, for the prevention of child death. Road traffic accidents are proven to be the primary reason for fatal injuries.

Adults are required to lead by example. Also, parents, schools, and nurseries are required to teach children the basics of road safety rules. This article will comprise the basic rules on child safety in cars.

Child Safety Rules In UAE

  1.     Keep children below the age of 10 at the rear and away from the front seat while driving.
  2.     Make sure you restrain the kids while driving. Use seat belts, boost cushions, or child seats for toddlers. Use child seats for kids (with an age range of 0 to 4 years).
  3.     Don’t allow your kids to move around in the car while driving.
  4.   Don’t put kids on the laps of passengers or drivers.
  5.     Never leave your kid unattended in the car.
  6.   Make sure you are aware of your child’s movement when you reach your destination (to avoid him or her running into the road).
  7.     Kids are unpredictable when spotted on the road while driving, make sure to drive carefully.
  8.   When taking kids on long-distance travels, make sure you are equipped with things to keep them from being bored.
  9.   In residential areas, shopping malls, and the likes, look out for kids while you reverse or park.
  10.   Teach your children about some basic road safety rules.

These rules listed above cover child safety rules on the road and child safety rules in cars.

What Are The Rules For Child Safety In The Car?

UAE traffic law doesn’t allow children below 10 and the height of 1.4 meters to be seated in front for any reason. It also implements a law stating that every child below four to be strapped into a child seat. The fresh law needs car seats that are sold in the UAE to pass crash tests and also maintain adequate labeling for several age groups and weight classifications.

Why Child Seats?

A child seat is built to keep your child safe if you get into a crash. It does this by creating a protective cocoon. Newborn car seats are put in the car facing backward so that the child would be protected by the seat in case of a front hit. While shell and inlay cover the spine and other crucial body parts of the child. 

Higher sides close to the child’s head form a side impact protection system in the case of a side-impact, it also stops the child’s head from moving too much. Seat belts keep the child still and keeps them from getting out during a trip. Seat belts on the many seats work just like adult seat belts.

Why Not Just Strap Children With Adult Seat Belts?

This is risky because when a child is not tall enough to make use of adult seat belts, his internal organs are at risk of getting damaged. Not just that, children could slip right out of seat belts.




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