Common Mistakes to Avoid while Car Hire in Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is a historically significant area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you are planning to visit Dubai, you can find this place on the western side of the Dubai Creek. As among many tourists and travellers, this place is famous because of renovated historic buildings and museums.

This historic district is a reference to conventional partition between Bur Dubai and Deira. You can find many cuisines while dining in along with grand mosques and places for shopping. For instance, the blue-tiled Iranian Mosque that is feature among grand mosques in Dubai. Likewise, for shopping, you can visit Al Seef and Meena Bazaar.

How to reach & visit Bur Dubai

Dubai remains the centrepiece of attraction due to its mesmerizing sites, hotels, and beaches. People from all over the world who want to visit Dubai and its surroundings must know that public transport is quite expensive. Public transport has limited access to places.

In such a case, to reach your favourite destination or visit Dubai we suggest renting a car. However, car hire in Bur Dubai is convenient as compared to using taxis and other means of transportation. The rental vehicles allow you to enjoy maximum luxury in the cheapest car rental rates.

How to reach & visit Bur Dubai

Rent a Car in Bur Dubai

Nowadays, the modern world has shown exceptional advancement in modes of travel. Like you can get a variety of vehicles because of cheap rent car services offered by car rental companies.

It is significant to choose the right company for car hire. Like, if you want to get the best car hire deals in Dubai you must consult Rental Cars UAE. You will choose your car from a large fleet of vehicles.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Car Hire

With our car rental service, you can get the lowest rates with amazing discounts. On the off chance that when you are going to book a rental vehicle, the related expenses can befuddle and confusing.

To get the best deals for the car of your choice we have enlisted some common mistakes. While renting a car in Dubai avoiding these mistakes can save you a prolific amount.  If you are planning to hire a car must read these basic mistakes that are given below.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Car Hire

1. Purchasing Additional Rental Car insurance

In some scenarios, it might be an ideal idea to purchase insurance for your rental vehicle. But the thought to purchase additional rental car insurance that you won’t need does not seem to be a smarter option. As there are plenty of rental vehicle insurance plans.  For instance collision damage, comprehensive car insurance, Third Party Liability Car insurances, etc.

Hence, to avoid the additional cost of car insurance you should check the coverage before hiring a car in Dubai.

2. Never rent a car from a Nearby Airport

For better convenience and comfort renting a car from a nearby airport may sound like the right choice. However, if you are running low on money or looking for cost-saving ways, this could be the wrong choice. Many people who have experience with travelling know that renting from the airport adds additional cost.

Because the airport surcharges are collected by the car rental company which means more expense. Hiring a car from outside the airport could be cheap and more convenient.

3. Search & Compare Car rental Provider Charges

You should search and compare multiple car rental companies. As to find the best deal you know that the car rental expenses frequently differ depending on the time duration. Like in summer the car rental companies offer vehicles at the lowest rates. Meanwhile, in winter when people are often visiting Dubai the charges may vary.

Similarly, if you rent a car daily, the charges may be higher in comparison with the charges of car rental weekly. The longer time duration of car hire allows customers to enjoy the cheapest car rental deals.

Many websites allow you to make a comparison of rates based on different factors for many vehicles. However, Rental Cars UAE is the only car hire company that offers the most affordable rates.

3. Advance & Extra Payments

It might appear to be helpful to pay for the fuel ahead of time. However, it will mean paying for a full tank regardless of whether you get back consuming a small portion of the tank. So, avoid paying for the fuel in advance while renting a car.

Car rental companies charge extra for advance features like the instalment of GPS. While car hires if you want to save money only rent a car with the features.

4. Take time For inspection of your vehicle

It is important to check your vehicle properly before taking it out for your road trip. If you have time try to take pictures of your vehicle specifically look if the vehicle has any dents or damage. Because at the time of return you may end up paying for the damage that you did not even cause.


To put it plainly, if you are looking for a rental car ensure you evade the mix-ups clarified in this article. Moreover, with Rental Cars UAE you can book your desired vehicle with all the features online. You can also book a car from any branch in Dubai and get your car at your doorstep.

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