Common Traffic Violation in Dubai

Published by Rental Cars UAE

The laws and regulations of Roads vary for different countries. Even if you think you have all the experience to drive good and know all the rules and regulations, the situations created by the traffic laws of Dubai can make you fall in trouble. For Dubai it is different as the networks of the road and condition of the traffic is not the same as other countries around the globe. With so many people driving on the roads of Dubai, they some way or the other end up in confronting with traffic violation. In Dubai it is mandatory for you to get a receipt for any kind of violation that are against the traffic rules. These may include in the form of paying fines or getting black points. If you cross over your limit, then you will get your license seized or even being taken away from you for some time or until you pay the fine you have been asked to.

Now the most common traffic violence to be seen in Dubai is speeding. Every road of Dubai has its own speed limit, and any one crossing that speed limit is traffic violation as speeding may result in injuring or even killing pedestrians walking along the side of the roads. Driving dangerously, speeding and racing is the most common situation that leads to traffic violence. In Dubai, most of the crashes occur due to excessive speeding. If you drive in speed it is likely that you will be stopped by a traffic police and given a receipt. If you don’t slow down your car immediately is committing traffic violation. Whenever you realize that you are not driving within the speed set, slow down by trying to maintain a gap between the vehicles in front you. If you drive in speed and don’t maintain traffic signal is also traffic violation.

Another common traffic violation is suddenly changing lanes and overtaking other cars. It is considered illegal when you suddenly shift from one lane to the other.It is highly against the rule if you overtake a car when you see a sign that forbid drivers to overtake. It will seriously get you in trouble if you are not aware of these traffic rules in Dubai. It is necessary to check the road markings and understand them and know if you are given the permission to overtake.You are not allowed to overtake when there is heavy traffic and when the road in the opposite direction does not allow you to. Or otherwise the consequences are really hard to get away from.

Third common traffic violation is not putting your seat belt on while you are driving. It is absolutely necessary for the person driving to strap around the seat belt to keep him or her safe. If you strictly don’t follow this particular rule is traffic violence.

Another common traffic violation is the use of Cell Phones while you are driving. The use of Cell Phones or any other electronic device while driving is another crime and another reason for which you will receive a receipt. You are also likely to be punished by the authorities as they have the right to seize or take away your car from you. If you keep on receiving emergency calls, make sure to park your car and then answer or otherwise you can get distracted and result in accidents.

It is strictly prohibited of consuming any kind of drug or alcohol in Dubai. And if you are found guilty of consuming any of these while you are driving is the most serious case of traffic violation. The person caught will be sent directly to the court and the judge will decide of the penalty to be given. These usually result in death penalties. The percentage of accidents every year in Dubai due to the consumption of alcohol or any other form of drugs or medicines are said to be increasing. A person consuming alcohol may feel dizzy and result in having difficulties understanding the distance between other vehicles and the speed of the car and may result in severe accidents.

If you are carrying heavy items on the back of your vehicles like trucks or pick-ups and not maintaining a distance between the vehicles in front of you may result in serious accidents too. If you do not have an authorized permission and still overload a vehicle with excessive items that may result in dangers to others is a form of traffic violation.

There are many other factors that result in traffic violation. Reasons like not giving ways to pedestrians while they are crossing roads, not following traffic lights and signals, suddenly hard braking and causing serious injuries to any vehicles or to the passengers in the car are all violating traffic rules.Make sure to drive safe and also keep in mind about hurting the passengers inside other vehicles as well the pedestrians on the road. One very important thing to be careful about is keeping your driving license with you while driving. It is recommended to be careful at every step of the road and the surroundings and mainly to understand the signs before driving on the road. It is highly advised for all the drivers in Dubai to carefully follow each and every rules and laws. In order to avoid traffic violation it is necessary for everyone to be cautious and be safe.