Common Traffic Violations in UAE

When in Dubai, you need to know all traffic laws and violations that could get you in jail or give you a big fine. Dubai is only one of the Emirates of the great UAE country, but the one with the most tourists and the heaviest traffic of all. 

Even though Police authorities are everywhere in the UAE, it’s always better to know about traffic violations rules that will make them flash their lights and stop you anywhere you may be going with your car.

Speed Limit

First, one of the most common traffic violations is the speed limit breach. There are signs everywhere on the roads of Dubai about the speed limit. If you overpass the limit even by one mile per hour, that will alarm the Police who are checking the roads through an expensive traffic camera system. 

It’s useless to deny you were speeding as all vehicles are getting recorded on the road, and it’s easy to apply software that shows your exact speed. That violation could give you a huge fine or even drive you to jail for some days.

Red Traffic Light

Disobeying the red traffic light violation can lead you to serious trouble. Drivers who deny stopping in the red light are considered criminals under the UAE law and could get prosecuted right on the spot. 

Even though local drivers know how harsh it is to get prosecuted, many tourists are unaware of that legislation and pass with a red light, which makes them have trouble with the law.

Parking Violations

Indeed, you cannot park anywhere you like in the busy Dubai streets. That’s why parking violations are among the most common traffic violations in UAE that may give you a high fine that you need to pay immediately and right before you abandon the country. 

The police authorities, alongside the municipal police, are given the right to inspect the roads and check the odometers. If you have parked your car in the wrong spot, you may not even find it when you return since the police have a strict tow service to remove cars parked in the forbidden place.

Driving on The Road Shoulder

When you leave Dubai to go visit another city in your car, it would be prudent to drive on the regular side of the highway. That means driving on the lane shoulder could give you a fine when the Police car finally reaches you. 

There is no need to argue with the Police officers who are all talking and informing each other. If you drive on the shoulder of the road, you will find a fine even if you think you are well hidden. 

The traffic is constantly getting inspected, and driving on the road shoulder is among traffic violations that tourists perform and give them big fines they have to pay before leaving.

Incapability to Keep the Right Distance 

Finally, we have come to the point to believe that Dubai Police enforces a strict policy against drivers who don’t keep the right distance from their forthcoming vehicle. Not keeping that distance means you drive aggressively, giving you a good right away when the Police officers stop you. 

Even when a camera has seen you not keeping your distance, you can get a fine, so it’s better to drive carefully when hitting the Dubai highways. People who visit Dubai should know that they take traffic violations seriously and always need to punish people who don’t believe it’s important to behave on their roads.


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Common Traffic Violation in Dubai


A Vital Guidance – Be informed about “Dubai Traffic fines” as an Expat

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