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When planning for a trip with your whole family, one of the things that will be in your mind is how to travel. While rental cars are a good choice, you might have problems choosing between an economy car and a compact car. The two types of cars have similar rental prices but different passenger capacity, gas mileage, and trunk space. This guide will assist you to distinguish between the two cars so that you can go for one that matches your needs. We have listed the key differences and the factors to consider when choosing between the two.

The Differences between Compact and Economy Cars

The main difference between economy cars and compact cars is the size of the car. As you might be aware, the two types of rental cars are affordable. They provide a similar level of fuel efficiency too. However, economy cars are smaller compared to compact rental cars.

Compact cars provide more luggage space, boot space, and they can carry more people. As a result, they’re an excellent option for those who need a car for long trips. It is the type of car rental to go for when driving to remote areas too. Here are the specific differences between the two types of rental vehicles.

– The Size and Passenger Capacity

Economy cars are of smaller size. That makes them a good choice for city commuting. As their name suggests, they are economical and ideal for couples and small families. On the other hand, compact rental cars are more prominent and a good choice for small families. Apart from city commuting, they are also suitable for short trips.

Economy cars are two-door cars, but some rental companies offer four-door economy car choices. On the other hand, compact cars are 4-door cars that come with a spacious trunk. Know that 4-door cars are cheaper to insure than 2-door cars, which should be your top consideration if you are a young driver. An economy car will accommodate four passengers comfortably. In comparison, a compact one will accommodate five passengers.

– The Fuel Consumption

Even though there is no significant difference in fuel consumption, the two types of cars offer different mileage. Economy cars are smaller than compact cars. Their engine power is also more minor. They will provide a mileage between 30 miles and 35 miles per gallon.

The Fuel Consumption

On the other hand, compact cars offer more engine power and are slightly larger than economy cars. For that reason, they offer a smaller mileage, which is between 20 miles and 25 miles per gallon. Nevertheless, they are a perfect choice for trips. Economy cars are ideal for in-city travels.

– The Luggage Space

While this is linked to the size concept, it should be one of your top considerations if you have much stuff to carry. Economy cars offer little luggage space. They are designed to hold a few bags, one medium-sized case, and a few carry-on bags.

In comparison, compact cars offer more luggage space. Most vehicles in this category offer a luggage space of around 12-14 cubic feet. Space will hold one large suitcase, one medium suitcase, and several backpacks.

– Cost of the Car Rental

The price of compact car rentals is different from that of economy car rentals. Economy cars are cheaper compared to compact cars due to their market prices. Still, they are more affordable due to the overall maintenance and fuel consumption.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Compact Cars and Economy Cars

Your needs will dictate the type of car you select for your trip. However, several factors should always remain in your mind when making your rental decision. Here are the elements.

– The Number of People Travelling

The number of people you’ll be flying with is the first thing you can think about. If you need a car that will accommodate only two individuals, a compact car would be a better choice. Unlike children, adults will generally bring more luggage, and space an economy car offers might not be enough.

– The Travelling Distance

Still, you will have to consider the length of the trip. If you need a car that will ferry you from the airport to a hotel room, you should choose an economy car. However, when planning to cover a long distance in a day, you will have to ensure that your kids and friends travel comfortably. They will need enough trunk space and legroom. In such cases, you will need a compact car.

– Your Travel Budget

If you are travelling on a tight budget, you will want to save money. An economy car is the best choice in such cases. Apart from the lower rental cost, economy cars have better gas mileage, and the maintenance costs are low. That is important when taking longer rides.

Examples of the Economy and Compact Car Rentals

To simplify your search for the economy and compact car rentals, we have listed some of the best choices. Here are the examples.

Examples of the Economy and Compact Car Rentals

Examples of Economy Cars:

Economy cars are perfect for crowded and downtown areas with tight parking spaces and heavy traffic. They include:

  • Ford Fiesta: this car offers excellent gas mileage, and it is easy to park.
  • Hyundai Accent: this economy car provides a lot of cabin space and enviable driving and handling power.
  • Kia Rio: this car offers many safety features and a lot of engine power.
  • Toyota Yaris: you will love the appearance, the handling, comfortable interior, and the touchscreen multimedia system.
  • Chevrolet Sonic: this car offers smooth rides, precise handling, and better fuel economy. You will love the comfortable driver’s seat.

Examples of Compact Cars

Compact cars offer more space than economy cars, and they are perfect for long trips. Here are a few examples:

  • Mazda Mazda 3: features a hatchback and sedan styles, offers 155HP engine, and many entertainment features.
  • Nissan Versa: comes with air conditioning, cloth upholstery, and rearview mirror.
  • Kia Forte: it is available in hatchback and sedan styles. You will love its exterior and interior features.
  • Volkswagen Jetta: comes with automatic LED headlights and taillights, 6.5 inches touchscreen, and air conditioning.


When deciding between economy and compact car rentals, think about the intent of your trip. Economy cars are good when moving from point A to point B. On the other hand, compact cars come with more safety and comfort features, something that makes them a perfect choice for long trips. Economy vehicles offer better fuel mileage. Therefore, they might be a good choice when planning to travel for a long journey alone or with your partner. However, compact cars are the best choice when looking for a more relaxed driving experience.

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