Compact Cars are The Most Economical to Rent on Long Term

Renting cars is not uncommon. People mostly rent cars for an upcoming event or to cruise around the city for the prime time, without an intent to own it. Renting a car in Dubai has made it easy for people to satisfy their purpose economically.

To use it briefly while in another country pending the time they leave. Not everybody can afford a car, so renting one is the best bet, at least it will satisfy the renter’s purpose.

Leasing a Car

The principle of leasing a car is the same as other renting services, they are all governed by the agreement if the renter agrees with the rental company by paying a certain amount of money for the service of the car.

The agreement binds them until the rental period is over. Charges may be incurred on the renter should there be any damage to the car during the period.

The implication of this is that the renter is the partial owner of the car at that period. He/She will be responsible for the maintenance or anything that goes wrong with the car. Renters are expected to take care of the car like it’s theirs.

Leasing a Car

Considerations while renting a car

Leasing automobiles have been popular for many years because it allows people to pay for the low monthly repayment with their salaries. However, it could also be an expensive option, for example, if you rent a high-class value car or a luxury.

It may get to a point when your salary may not fit in with the expenses of the car. Some people fall into a deep financial crisis because of this. There is no point to rent a BMW if you know your budget won’t carry on with it for long. It’s always best to go for cars that fall within your budget.

Therefore, whenever you are about to rent a car, understand the differences and economic benefits of intermediate and compact cars. Intermediate cars are quite bigger than compact cars, so you should be Size-wise.

We will give the reasons for renting a compact car for the long term is economical.

1. Size

A small car has an average of 4-5 seats, and this option is nice especially if you are solely on a trip in another country, but also know if you want to travel on a rented compact car in your country, the passengers should not be over 4-5 or as the sitting arrangement is designed, any person more than that will put you in a crampy situation.

Renting a larger or an intermediate car with more space is unnecessary, especially when you are not planning to accommodate many carriers during the renting period, it will only attract more cost from the rental company because of the size. So, it is always good to consider how much space you need before renting.

Kia Picanto 2020 Car to Rent in Dubai

2. Space

Intermediate cars are larger than smaller cars, this is obvious because of the larger vehicle size. This means it has more storage space than a compact car. Both may be capable of storing a suitcase, but a compact car may not store beyond.

That says you want to pack more bags or belongings, a compact car may not contain it. But it is still a better option if you are the only one travelling.

Also, if you want to rent while on a quick trip to another country, I don’t see any reason rent a larger car for storage since you are not going anywhere in that country that requires you packing a lot of loads.

3. It’s Suitable for Riding in The City

Compact cars are best suited for cities. It is small and it can manoeuvre any corner, move over bumps swiftly and overtake slower vehicles because of its speed. An intermediate car cannot do this because of its heavy size.

A compact car is ideal if you want to avoid traffic jams or travel better on a small road or parking lot. While in a city a small range offers the best performance. Especially when the road is smooth but is wary of over speeding to avoid ghastly accidents.

Rent Hyundai Accent in Dubai

4. Price

Compact cars and the larger car price difference are slim, especially if they are not the luxury type. This also includes fuel consumption, but the smaller car consumes lesser fuel than the larger car.

A larger car comes with a bigger engine hence the size. This means it will consume more fuel on energy. This is not the same with a compact car that has a smaller engine.

The smaller the fuel consumption the better. Therefore, the smaller car will come ahead of the larger car economically. It is not prudent enough to spend more money on fuel consumption for a larger vehicle if you are the only one riding it. You will save yourself more money on fuel by renting a compact car.

In comparison with intermediate or large vehicles, the potential cost savings on small and medium-sized vehicles must be considered more closely.



After considering the reasons the compact car is economical than a large car, everything comes down to choices. Many people would still prefer larger cars despite the expenses and the significant areas where the smaller cars edge it and this is fine. Everyone has a right to make their choices. Also, people may prefer larger cars because it is safer albeit, it will cost manoeuvrability.

But for those who are not still sure of their choices, the smaller car in the UAE is economical on the reasons listed above. But you must also assess your need, if you estimate that the smaller car won’t satisfy your personal needs then, opt for the larger cars. The only key difference between the two is just about convenience.

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