How to Drive Safely on Sheikh Zayed Road During Peak Hours?

The UAE boasts of a modern road system and driving through the roads can be very exciting. However, a lot of cars are on the road, which means you would encounter lots of traffic while driving on the roads.

There are also hotspots where you are bound to encounter traffic during peak hours. One of such roads is the Zayed Road.

It is always recommended to avoid this road during school picking up and dropping off times. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to avoid these roads. So, how do you drive safely during peak hours?

How Do I Drive Through Sheikh Zayed Road During Peak Hours?

If you cannot avoid driving through this road during peak hours, you can use some handy tips to drive safely. Whether you are driving in Dubai as a tourist or you have a business event, you can do your best to avoid heavy traffic during busy hours.

What Tips will Help me Drive Safely on Sheikh Zayed Road?

  •         Use a Traffic app to get real-time updates on traffic. Some available traffic apps in the city are Waze, Here We Go, and UAE Traffic. Waze is a great app that tells you of any speed traps. 
  •         Use the Radio. When driving towards Sheikh Zayed Road, it is best to put on the radio to regularly get updates on traffic conditions.

It is difficult to drive through Sheikh Zayed Road or any road in the UAE without encountering traffic. However, when you are armed with driving in Dubai tips and you understand the rules and regulations associated with driving on the road, you will find it easier with time.

Can I Drive in Dubai as a Tourist?

Driving in Dubai as a tourist is possible if you have the required documents. The required documents for driving a tourist in the city include the following:

  •         Insurance documents
  •         Driving license
  •         International driving permit
  •         Spare wheel
  •         Fire extinguisher
  •         Warning triangle

What Do I Need to Know about Sheikh Zayed Road as a Tourist?

To drive safely on the road, you must understand how the road system and driving work in the city. For a start, driving in the city is on the right, which means that the driver sits on the left.

The road system is modern and the driving style in the city is fast. Therefore, you should expect fast driving around you.

During peak hours, you may experience a complete standstill, especially on roads like Sheikh Zayed. There are also several speed traps on the roads, so you should be careful not to fall into them.

Using an app such as Waze will give you heads-up on such roads. Therefore, try to invest in one before you start driving in Dubai as a tourist.


You can drive safely on Sheikh Zayed Road and other busy roads in Dubai during peak hours. Use the driving tips highlighted in this post to stay out of traffic and speed traps.


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