Dubai’s Travel Guide to Celebrate New Year on Budget

People travel from all corners of the globe to Dubai for the New Year’s Eve celebration. The New Year is about fresh starts and being hopeful for a better future. It is also the time of the year to throw many wonderful parties.

If partying is never on your bucket list, you will have many things to try in Dubai. New Year’s Eve brings people from all corners of the globe to Dubai and gathers them. This guide will help you choose the best New Year Activities in Dubai without breaking the bank.

Watch the Beautiful Fireworks

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Each year, it attracts millions of people from all corners of the globe. Over 1.87 million individuals visited the massive building in the year 2013. That is roughly 156,000 people per month. In 2012, it had witnessed 1.66 million tourists.

Watch the Beautiful Fireworks

The number of people visiting this building for New Year’s Eve has been increasing. Expect dazzling fireworks, which are also televised in many parts of the world. People gather here to count the last minutes and seconds of the old year and welcome the New Year in style. Apart from the beautiful fireworks, expect beautiful water and light shows at midnight.

Arrive earlier and choose a good place because most of the events will be televised. Most people will arrive between 5.30 pm and 6.00 pm to choose their sitting spots. Alternatively, you can book an outdoor table at the Dubai Mall. Most of the restaurants charge high amounts.

Some people also choose to enjoy Atlantis Fireworks. While Burj Khalifa shows might overshadow these firework shows, you will have something to remember. Reserve a room at The Atlantis to enjoy the shows. If the rooms are above your budget, drive to Palm Jumeirah and choose a good place for an overnight stay.

Further, you can gaze at the amazing displays from the Umm al Sequim Beach. The beach is in the middle of The Atlantis and Burj Khalifa.

For that reason, you will catch The Atlantis and Burj Khalifa firework shows. Still, parking is not a problem on this beach. However, choose your footwear and clothing properly.

Drive to Zero Gravity for the New Year’s Eve Party

Near the Skydive Dubai drop zone, Zero Gravity provides a bar, restaurant, and beach club. With The Palm and Marina Skyline in its background, you will relax on a private beach and enjoy the uplifting sunset. You can try some refreshing drinks in the garden area or try some recipes. In the daytime, this place has a more relaxed vibe, but it turns into a hot nightclub after the sunsets.

If you are travelling with your family and friends, Zero Gravity allows you to party in style. You can choose to dance the whole night while enjoying the spectacular fireworks. The beach club offers many zones with different themes such as Ritual, SuperNatural, and Helter Skelter. Again, there are DJs to control the crowd.

Drive to Zero Gravity for the New Year's Eve Party

Party in Clubs

Dubai offers many clubs, and most of them are evergreen favourites. Drive to Barasti nightclub to enjoy drinks and meet new people. The nightclub is usually open for adults above 21 years of age, and the entry ticket is AED 210. Further, you can drive to the Bahri Bar, which offers spectacular views of Burj Al Arab.

When in this bar, you will catch most of the firework shows that will happen in Dubai. The place is ideal for people who love partying but hate crowds.

The third nightclub to try is the Cavalli Club. Reserve a table at this place and enjoy your dinner. Cavalli Club offers Italian recipes, and the staff is very helpful.

They charge AED 950 for unlimited drinks for women and AED 1150 for unlimited drinks for men. If you prefer unlimited drinks and four-course meals, just pay AED 1650.

Experience Dubai Opera Magic

Parties in Dubai are expensive, and you would not want to spend all your savings. So, a cheaper option would sound good. Furthermore, you can attend the Dubai Opera Gala Concert and enjoy private views of Burj Khalifa shows.

That will only cost you AED 800. Arrive at 6 pm and choose a good sitting place for the night shows.

Still, you will be greeted with canapes and get whisked towards the 7 pm auditorium for the evening performance. Dubai Opera offers several packages. The Silver package will cost you $1,800, and it comes with unlimited drinks, while the Gold Package will cost you AED 2,400 and comes with a four-course meal and unlimited drinks.

Dhow Cruise on the New Year’s Eve

If the parties, fireworks, and fancy dinners are not enough then board a dhow cruise. The traditional dhow cruises will help you escape the crowds and welcome the New Year in a better way. The 350 passenger vessels come with live entertainment and lavish feasts. You will watch fireworks from many parts of the city while sailing in silence and serenity.

People looking for something cheaper and simpler choose the RTA Water Bus, Dubai Ferry, or the traditional rides. The price of traditional dhow cruises starts at AED 700.

A yacht cruise will cost you AED 1400, while the RTA Water Bus will charge you between AED 125 and AED 450. The New Year trips start around 10.30 pm and continue until 01.30 am.

Dhow Cruise on the New Year's Eve

Welcome to the New Year with a Desert Safari

Your New Year trip to Dubai would not be complete without a desert safari. Dubai is honoured with endless deserts full of dunes. Start your journey early to see the genuine beauty of Dubai and feel the tranquillity.

All you need is a 4×4 rental car. You will get the chance to meet the endangered birds, wildlife and engage in several desert activities. Try a delightful barbeque dinner, listen to live music, and dance. Further, you can ride a camel while dressed in a traditional outfit before cutting the New Year’s cake.

Wrap Up

Dubai, London, Sydney, and New York are the leading global New Year’s Eve Destinations. The New Year’s fireworks, Dubai fashion, and the luxurious lifestyle are some things that have made Dubai a key destination. When in this city, you will have things to try as you welcome the New Year.

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