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City Walk in Dubai is outdoor shopping region that consists of everything at one spot. Starting from international variety labels to super restaurants, posh cafes, exclusive amusement outlets, and fun spots for the whole family. With such an incredible amusement, you must need not a hurdle for your conveyance so you need to remember us. We, Rental Cars UAE, care for your jaunt. We hide your secrets of living life in our pockets according to your needs, desires and lavish demands even. You need to rent a car in advance just to explore following in City Walk.


Dressed to kill

City Walk Dubai is one of the first outdoor shopping routes in Dubai. There are all kinds of local and international branded outlets centered in the heart of Dubai. Whether your sense of style is casual, jumpy, glossy, or official. City Walk has covered you where this fashionable world takes you toward styling.


Drinks and Dine

The amazing city community is becoming a well-known and fan favorite among tourists, occupants, and daily voyagers for dinning. City Walk presents cuisines from around the globe in splendid and stylish restaurants. Be bungled to opt for fifty selections of restaurants, cafes, bistros, and food vouching deals.



Not only City Walk has some best restaurants and world labeled brands but also presents latest amusement hubs. The Hub zero is one of them, one-of-a-kind of astonishing gaming practice that landmarks the assuming game world and activities for kids that flourishes their skills regarding the fun and learning techniques with respect to the educational experience for visitors of all ages.


Art and Crafts

The whole feature of City Walk is considered a piece of art because of its mod-techno and dynamic architecture.  Especially, the public artwork in this region is different from anything else in the city. Most famous artist from all over the world gathered there and created incredible master pieces in form of wall murals, sculptures, models and various art works that can be admired in different sections of the city.


Public Entertainment

You may visit City Walk for an aim but you’ll never know what you’re going to witness in this energetic district. Fore see to witness some roadside amusement, especially during specific events and festivals such as Eid and Christmas. City Walk showcases public displays using features, like water, light, and the large monitors in the main hub. Visitors might also be preserved to parades and street players that engage with the troop and put on exclusive abilities on display.


Future Developments

Soon City Walk will also be habitation to the predictable Dubai Arena, set to be the major indoor arena in the UAE. Accomplished by the same organizers of universal arenas, the Dubai Arena will host international occasions, performances, and games even Expo 2020.


City Walk 9 

Last but not least, for those who would like to recall this stylish town home, City Walk presents a few incredibly stylish occupies like City Walk 9. This low-rise construction offers stylish and municipal, fully renovated one, two, three, four apartments, and duplexes. Pamper in modern fixtures and elegant sights of this out-class residence that also landmarks a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool, and chic facilities.

If you are getting crazy even cannot wait for visiting this die-heart place City Walk, Dubai. You just need to grab a rental car in Dubai from Rental Cars UAE. Doors are open 24/7 for you and waiting a ring from your side to book us.

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