Dubai Winter Festivals – Embrace The Beauty of Winter in Dubai

Now in its 9th year, Dubai Winter Festival promises to be one of the highlighted event in Dubai in 2020. Many people talk about the grand opulence that the city has to offer.

However, many overlook the fact that Dubai is also known for hosting cultural festivals and social events.  The Dubai Media Amphitheater has played host to Winter Festival events, and this year promises to be no different.

At yearly winter season in dubai festivals, countless side attractions will blow your mind away. With fun, games, and activities for both children and adults. It will come as no surprise that the influx of visitors into Dubai witnesses a spike in December.

List of Festivals in Dubai

In case you are planning to visit Dubai this year for the Winter Festival, here is a list of Festivals and other side attractions. These events are graceful and exciting, and we are sure that you will enjoy your time out in the city.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is an epicentre for magnificent shopping malls. Crisscrossing the entire city, there is hardly a location where you won’t find a mall or a convenience store of some sort. What’s even crazier about the whole winter experience is that people love to shop for fun. The annual Winter shopping Festival takes place between January and February.

Dubai Shopping Festival

During this period, there are city fireworks on display, concert shows, and fashion walks. As for the main event of the festival, bargain shopping for items at discounted prices in any of the 40 plus malls in Dubai. Mega malls like the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta, Burjman, and the Dubai Mall offer shoppers attractive discounts during this period.

International Jazz Festival

Not many in the younger generation will claim to be fans of jazz music, but preference goes out the window at the International Jazz Festival. This event is mostly hosted in February. People from all walks of life and every age bracket attend this yearly Jazz ritual. Jazz artists from all over the world converge in Dubai to thrill their audience with the best Jazz sounds.

International Jazz Festival

Dubai International Films Festival

The US has the Oscars, the French have the Cannes film festival, and Dubai has the Dubai International Films Festival. Every December, movie buffs get the opportunity to see some of their favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movie acts live. Added to this troupe are filmmakers, camera crews.

Included in the supporting cast are some of the leading lights in the global movie industry. The Film Festival remains one of the world’s largest movie stakeholders and enthusiast gathering in the world. Dubai Media City hosts this event every year.

Dubai National Day Festival

Although the National Day is a unique event of its own with political significance, it is still a part of Dubai’s winter festivities. Celebrated on the 2nd of December, there are so many events and side attractions to enjoy. Camel racing events draw large crowds on National Day. So does Falconry.

There are also Fireworks, Dessert Safaris, and dhows plying Dubai Creek on the day of this celebration.

Dubai National Day Festival

Diwali Celebration

Due to the significant Indian population in the emirate, the Diwali celebration has assumed significance in recent years. Between October and November, Indian Nationals living in Dubai celebrate the Festival of lights is. Celebrants decorate Shops and malls with pleasant lighting. As for cultural excellence, the brilliance of Indian culture comes to life.

No place captures the imagination during Diwali festivities like Hindi Lane and Karama at Bur Dubai. At these locations, there is always enough fun and treat to go round.

Other Side Attractions

Some of the other side attractions tourists and locals love to include the following.

 Winter Sunshine

During the warm weather months from October to early March of the next year, temperature levels drop by a few degrees. This drop makes the air slightly cooler before progressing slowly into full winter. The cool air allows people to go skiing at the Mall of the Emirates. Some fun lovers prefer to walk across the beaches barefooted before it gets too cold.

Winter Sports

Classic sports events should also be in your to-do list as part of your winter festivities. Some of the organized events include the Dubai golf Dessert Classic held at the Sheikh Zayed Road. You also have the Dubai Tennis Championships. This event is held at Deira near the airport.

There are also Horse and Camel racing events to enjoy for those who love racing sports. The Rugby Sevens tournament is another sporting event you may want to enjoy if you are a fan of Rugby.

Winter Sports

Winter Fountain Shows

Winter Fountain Shows have been around for quite some time. If you have never attended a fountain show before, consider giving it a try this December. Dubai Fountain is about 900ft long with the capacity to spray about 22,000 gallons of water at a time. Sailing the Burj on an Arba and listening to pleasant Arab music is fun.


Dubai is home to the very first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. This indoor centre is inside the Mall of the Emirates. With a ski area totalling 22,500 meters, there is sufficient skiing space to go round for you and your friends.


Lovers of adventure find it irresistible to turn down an opportunity to skydive during the winter season. Throwing your human frame out of the sky and releasing yourself to the elements of nature is an exhilarating experience. If you crave dangerous fun, you might want to try skydiving under the guidance of an instructor.

Desert Safari

Last but not least, on our list is the Dessert Safari. There is so much to enjoy when you and your family are out in the wide-open desert. Sand skiing, quad biking, camel rides, tube bashing, smoking shisha, or eating barbecue. The list is endless.

Desert Safari

To enjoy life to the fullest this winter, make sure you draw up a list of places and events you wish to enjoy. Drawing up your budget well in advance will also help you save more.



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