Places to go shopping in Dubai

The city residents and expatriates have already found money-saving tricks. Most of the tricks and tips will help you avoid expensive places. However, to help you get better deals when in the city, we have developed a list of the retail outlets to try. Here is the list.

– The Village Outlet

This is among the places that offer great deals in Dubai for people in need of branded products. The Village Outlet provides some of the popular brands, such as Carolina Herrera. In addition, you will find products from Coach, DKNY, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, and Hugo Boss.

The Village Outlet - Deals in Dubai

 Further, they have discounted products from Rodeo Drive, Nike, and other brands. Still, you will get discounted prices on handbags, and some branded bags come at a 50 percent discount. So, if you did not buy the last season’s party dress, you will get it here at a slashed price.

If you need trainers, buy them here because they are inexpensive. With the many cheap deals and a wide range of brands, the Village Outlet is a must-go place.

– Dubai Outlet Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall is worth visiting for all fashion and lifestyle-conscious people. It receives last-season stocks from brands like Boutique 1. Other stock providers are Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nicholas. Furthermore, you will find many designs from Adidas, Stella McCartney, Tods, Wrangler, and Givenchy.

They provide an interior home decor section for Dubai travelers. You will go home with many branded clothes and footwear. If they do not appeal to you, try the furnishings that retail at a reduced price too.

– Retold

Sian Rowlands opened Retold to encourage the use of second-hand clothes. She discourages following fashion trends. Instead, people should go for the durable pieces that go well with their surroundings. That is to reduce environmental pollution.

Moreover, Rowlands has curated many second-hand clothes from designer labels in her boutique. The boutique measures 3000 square feet and is situated in Al Barsha, Dubai.

– Garderobe

Not everyone can afford luxury brands. However, Garderobe makes items from luxury brands available to everyone. They sell pre-owned luxury items from brands like Alexander Mcqueen, Chanel, and Celine. Therefore, you will find many items going for little to high. The low prices attract many people from all parts of the globe.

Before visiting this place, check the products on their site to get what you need. You are unlikely to miss quality items because Dubai premier classes shop more often.

– Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart is among the places that offer cheap products. Their products include footwear, clothes, and accessories. All items available in this giant mall are made in China. 

So, you must check the quality of each product before paying for it. It is a huge mall offering most of the coveted items. Further, it has many brand outlets like Mata and H&M. It is the epitome of inexpensive items.

– Al Karama

Al Karama is a haven for people with tight budgets. They might even get lower after bargaining. Even more, you will find watches, shoes, handbags, souvenirs, and clothing at very low prices. 

Some people claim that the products sold here are not authentic, but that might not be the case. Further, the place is a perfect destination for experienced hagglers.

– Global Village

Global Village is a theme park and a place to visit if you want to buy discounted prices. This place offers clothes from many countries at a low price. Visit between November and April for the best deals. You will get a chance to buy many items without hurting your budget.

Global Village - Deals in Dubai

– Bagatelle Boutique

Bagatelle Boutique offers deals like those of Retold and Garderobe. They sell pre-owned luxurious items from brands like Chanel and Hermes. Expect items from Cartier and Louis Vuitton too. Everything in this place is authentic.

So, whether you need exotic or classic pieces, you should not worry about the quality. Moreover, if you already own similar items, you can sell them here and upgrade your wardrobe.

– Wafi Mall

Wafi is another shopping mall situated in Wafi City Complex. The City Complex is an Egyptian-themed center that offers more than 300 stores. Each of the stores offers discounted products from global brands and beautiful architecture. Here is where you will find the Khan Murjan Souk.

Besides, the souk resembles 14th century Baghdad. Vendors from the Arab world frequent this place to sell traditional Arabian Souvenirs. So, expect tea sets, Turkish rugs, lanterns, and many other items at discounted prices.

Use the Entertainer to Get Better Deals in Dubai

Unless you have been living in Dubai for a long time, you will need The Entertainer. The Entertainer app and magazine provide specials and discounts on hotels and restaurants. It also provides discounts on the most popular activities in the city. 

The Entertainer offers a magazine and app for UAE residents. You will have 2-for-1 specials along with restaurants, attractions, clubs, and drinks.

Get your copy upon your arrival in Dubai at the bookstores or supermarkets. Alternatively, you can use the online version available on their site. 

You should never worry about the high price because it will pay for itself fast. However, remember to look for the sign-up sales because you can find free trials or 50 percent off.


Apart from offering better shopping deals, Dubai is a good choice if you want to witness a new lifestyle. The city is not limited to the premiere community. Furthermore, you will find footwear, clothes, and accessories at discounted prices. Lastly, you will buy many items and stick to your travel budget.

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