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Free Sanitization of Vehicles offered by Rental Cars UAE in Dubai
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Free Disinfection of Vehicles offered by Rental Cars UAE


Our dedicated team is working around the clock by sanitizing all cars provided to our customers. We believe that health is the main priority and cannot be compromised at any cost.

The new initiative is being taken by Rental Cars UAE as part of safety measures to ensure health and safety according to the guidelines provided by the Government of UAE.


Free Sanitization of Vehicles offered by Rental Cars UAE in Dubai


We are offering free service to all our customers to schedule the pickup of their car and we will replace it with 100 % sanitized cars by bringing it at your door. These precautionary and safety measures are being taken to make sure our staff and customers stay healthy and feel safe.

If you need the same car then give us 24 hours to sanitize atone of our certified facilities for you and give it back free of cost at your door.

Our customers can also bring the car to any of our facilities and get it thoroughly deep cleaned and completely sanitized from door handles to every part of the interior including steering wheel, gear selector, entertainment system, and gear selector.

Our staff will make sure that all traces of bacteria and germs are removed, and the vehicle is 100 percent sanitized so that our customers feel safe and secure. Please act now and contact our agents to schedule a time for free sterilization and they will be happy to assist you by keeping you stay safe.



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