Most Fuel-Efficient Cars in UAE

When entering the UAE, you would be amazed by the ridiculously low gas prices. However, this doesn’t mean that Abu Dhabi is not aware of the climatic change and introduces policies to adopt and buy fuel-efficient vehicles. 

If you want to find the best mileage cars in UAE you need to check our non-exhaustive list of European, American, and Japanese manufacturers who all export vehicles to the Gulf country.

Many other cars with thermal engines could enter and support this list. However, it’s always better to look at the brand new electric vehicles that are fuel-efficient and give a zero carbon dioxide emissions profile.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan was the first company to present a fully electric car that needed no fuel to be driven. You only need to have a charger close to your garage and let it recharge the battery throughout the night. 

It belongs to the top mileage cars in UAE since the dusty and hot environment cannot affect the engine’s reliability. With a single recharge and the air conditioning fully operable, you may drive for up to 300 miles without visiting a charger. 

It’s one of the most efficient vehicles in the UAE and will stay longer with you since there are fewer services needed than the thermal engines.


If you want to combine good mileage cars with luxury and fame, you must check the BMW IX3 series. The famous BMW X3 SUV has finally gone fully electric to offer you more than 250 miles of driving before entering the charging area.

It’s one of the most reliable cars the German manufacturer has ever presented and the one that offers you the chance for off-road trips that will liberate you.

Mercedes EQA

Another German vehicle belongs to the mileage cars in UAE and listens to the name of Mercedes EQA. It has come to replace the older GLA series and uses the same chassis to ensure a smooth transition to the new electric era. 

You have a potential mileage that can come up to 280 miles with a single battery charge. Mercedes offers luxury, a silent cabin, and all the passive and active safety systems that have been developed throughout the years.

VOLVO XC40 Electric

People living in Dubai and wanting to have a more affordable but stylish car could go for the VOLVO XC40 Electric, which is among the fuel-efficient cars in UAE right now. Since it has a smaller battery, it can be on the road for less than 200 miles but that is enough for a country like UAE where you cannot possibly make more than 100 miles anywhere you go within the day.

It is one of the safest cars ever presented by VOLVO and the one that is a lot more affordable to buy even when you are in the Emirates.

Porsche Panamera Electric Hybrid

For business people who want to have a luxurious dream car, Porsche Panamera Electric Plug-in Hybrid is the car that will change their life. It gives them a mileage close to 100 miles, which is more than enough when you realize that it can catch a speed of more than 250 miles per hour.

Toyota Prius IV

Finally, Toyota Prius’s fourth generation is the most efficient vehicle in our list. It offers a potential mileage that may reach the incredible 350 miles without recharging the battery. 

Service and maintenance intervals are very scarce, and you only have to pay for the electric energy to move, which is very affordable in the Emirates.


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