The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is the government agency responsible for road safety in Dubai. All vehicles including rental cars, taxi, and public buses operating on the UAE roads must pass the test to ensure the safety and standard set-up by the government of the UAE.

What Covers in the Test?

The test involves the measuring of emission level from the muffler, sound of the car, tire quality, headlights, indicators, tail light, reverse light, number plate light, speed–o-meter accuracy, and AirBags working through the ECU of the car.

If any of the functions is founded misleading or defective, the car will not be passed and the owner has to reapply for the test within 30 days after repairing the malfunction.

What is the Fee for the Test?

Here’s the brief fee structure of the test:

What if the Owner Doesn’t Pass the Test?

From the date of application, the RTA will give you 30 days timeline within which you can visit the testing office to pass the test. In case the issue occurs, you’ll again need to re-apply for the test within 30 days. If the owner doesn’t appear after the 30 days timeline, a fine will be issued by the RTA every month until the test is passed.

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