Hire a Car in JLT on Monthly Basis

Public transport is unpredictable, and distances in the city can be significant. Still, you are unlikely to get end-to-end transportation. That, along with the harsh weather in Dubai, makes monthly car rental the best choice. Here are a few of the reasons people hire cars when in JLT.

– Large Parking Space

Access to parking in Jumeirah Lake Towers is easy. The area offers ample parking for car owners. That does not mean you have to buy a car to benefit. You can always rent an economy car, whether you are a traveler or a resident in this area. You will never worry about driving around to find a parking space. Besides, parking is free within and around JLT for hybrid car owners. So, if you never plan to pay the parking charges, rent a hybrid for your travel.

Large Parking Space

– JLT is Close to the City

Another reason you would want to hire a car when in JLT is because this area is very close to the city. With a monthly car rental, you will manage to drive to and out of the city more often and visit the popular attractions. You are unlikely to exceed the set mileage because of the closeness of JLT to the city center. Monthly car rentals are a perfect choice for people who want to reap all the benefits of owning a vehicle without ever buying one.

– Stick to Your Sightseeing Schedule

Most individuals choose to stay in JLT when traveling for business. Some will rent apartments for their extended holiday in Dubai too. One of the greatest benefits you will enjoy after renting a car is that you can visit any place in Dubai at any time. That is unlikely to happen with the cabs where the meter will be running very fast. Therefore, if you plan to spend most of your time camping at the beach, you will do that without any worries. You can also visit any campsite whenever a need arises.

– Access to Many Options

JLT is very close to Dubai city. For that reason, you will have a wide range of car rental firms to consider during your stay. No car rental company is exactly like the other. Some charge lesser fees and others offer more cars than others do. For example, if you need a car with many safety features, you will find one easily. Even more, you can select a car with many other features, such as a large space and GPS.

– Fast Car Delivery

JLT is only a few miles away from the city. For that reason, if you need a rental car for emergency reasons, you will get one very fast. For example, if you have people arriving at the airport, you can rent a car and pick them up. Moreover, most rental companies allow you to order a car online. After that, they will deliver it to your place of choice within a few minutes. You can, therefore, pick your friend or relative from the airport at any time.

Why Rent a Car in JLT on a Monthly Basis?

Car rental companies in Dubai provide many car rental options. You can choose hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual rentals. However, if you plan to stay in the UAE for a long period, monthly car rentals are the best choice. Below are a few of the reasons to choose them.

Why Rent a Car in JLT on a Monthly Basis

– More Convenient

One of the reasons you would want to rent a car is the associated convenience. Rental car companies ensure that their vehicles are in perfect condition. That eliminates the chances of a breakdown during the rental period. After renting a car, the only thing you will worry about is the fuel and the toll fees. You will never worry about the maintenance or the insurance charges.

– Save Money

Car rental companies provide a wide range of cars for their customers. Therefore, you will find a car to match your budget. The best thing about car rental companies is that they offer better rates for monthly rentals. However, you have to avoid renting in premium locations such as airports. Vehicles in such locations come at an additional fee.

– Roadside Assistance

Rental companies do everything possible to maintain their vehicles in the right condition. That does not mean that the vehicles will never break down. You are likely to find yourself in problems at the most inconvenient time. To ensure that you are getting to your destination on time, rental car companies are always ready to help. They may also provide another car when necessary. You do not have to call your mechanic or look for a taxi.

– Free Vehicle Upgrades

If you pick to buy a car, you will only drive one car during your vacation. On the other hand, car rental companies offer free vehicle upgrades. You can wait for the rental period to elapse and upgrade the car or do that before it elapses.


JLT is close to popular Dubai destinations. So, you can rent an apartment in this place when traveling to Dubai. You will reach most of the tourist attractions easily and find many things to do. What’s more, JLT offers many five-star hotels, retail outlets, parks, and residential towers. Choose monthly hire a car in JLT for the best travel experience. You will save money and reach various hotspots easily.

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