How Car Rental Has Changed in 20 Years?

Today, almost every tourist or resident in the UAE rents a car. That is for the reason that rental cars are better than public transport systems. They are also reliable, comfortable, and easier to use. So, they should be your first choice when traveling in the UAE.

Technological advancements have affected almost every sector and industry in the world. They have not left out the UAE vehicle rental industry. Innovations have improved how people rent cars. They have also changed how rental car companies offer their services. Here are some of the key changes we have seen in the last 20 years.

– Introduction of Autonomous Vehicles

One of the things that technology has brought about is autonomous cars. Autonomous cars are types of vehicles that navigate without the input of drivers. Many industries have their version of driverless cars.

Introduction of Autonomous Vehicles

Car rental companies have not embraced this technology. However, they believe that it will reduce accidents and transportation costs.

Furthermore, autonomous technology is likely to introduce a new level of excitement. People will reach their destinations faster. They will enjoy a wide range of choices because of the many brands available. Autonomous cars are available in many specifications.

– Launch of Online Car Rental Booking Platforms

The launch of online Car Rental booking platforms has facilitated easier booking. Today, you can book a car without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Car rental companies in the UAE have embraced this technology, which allows them to operate 24/7.

Travel and tourism service providers also list car rental services on their sites. That allows their clients to rent better vehicles without leaving their country. You can use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to book a rental from any place. That alone saves money and time.

– Launch of Smartphone Apps

Technology has completely changed how car rental companies operated 20 years ago. Almost every car rental company has a working smartphone app. They design smartphone apps to allow access to services from any place. Further, the apps allow easier car book and facilitate faster payment. Travelers can also access car rental descriptions and other information through the apps.

Moreover, people do not need to contact the rental company to know the rental charges. Such information is always available on smartphone apps. Besides, the apps list all the costs, including fuel, upgrade, insurance, and accessories. That makes the selection of a perfect rental easier.

– Payment Innovation

20 years ago, people avoided online transactions. Online payment platforms were insecure at that time. After all, they had minimal safety features, and they were ineffective. However, technology has changed everything in the last 20 years. Car rental companies have developed online payment systems that guarantee user safety. As a result, most people are opting for online payment methods.

– Connected Car Rental Technology

Connected car rental technology allows rental companies to track their cars. It further helps them keep a record of the operating cars at any specific time. So, the technology will help them locate you if you fail to return a car on time. That has helped them reduce losses.

– Ease of Use

Technological advancements have made car rentals cheap and easier to use. Online booking platforms and smartphone apps have eliminated the need for long queues. That is a huge benefit considering that no one would want to wait for hours in a queue after a long flight.

People can now book cars and pay the rental charges before leaving their homes. That eliminates the need for waiting at the airport to book a car. The car rental company also delivers the car to the location they choose. They also allow them to drop off the car at the agreed location after the trip ends. The car rental company then picks it up from there. That alone makes every trip smooth.

– Introduction of GPS Devices

GPS devices allow for better navigation in new places. Their introduction to the car rental industry benefited travelers in many ways. Travelers can now travel to any destination without asking for directions. Further, many car rental companies have installed the devices in their vehicles. That is for the reason that GPS devices help them ensure the security of their cars.

How Car Rental Has Changed in 20 Years

What’s more, GPS software has helped rental companies increase their profits. They have helped them end some of the biggest issues, such as fuel over-usage. Today, customers cannot stop anyhow or misuse the rental cars. That is for the reason that GPS systems are effective when it comes to information recording. Companies can record the fuel usage, routes, and halts. They can also geo-fence, restrict car usage, or close the contract at any time.

Customers can use GPS devices to find the routes they are not familiar with. That means they can reach any hotel or tourist attraction of their choice without the need for help. Still, people traveling for business can arrive at their meetings on time. They will rarely go round in circles.

– AI-Based Prediction Models Have Allowed for Better Car Maintenance

AI-Based prediction models help car rental companies predict the demand. They also help them predict and manage the maintenance of their cars. Factors like time and mileage affect the condition of rental cars.

For that reason, the systems collect the car data and send it to the data management systems. The rental company then uses the data to set the maintenance dates. That was impossible 20 years ago.

– Proper Fleet Utilization

Demand and supply affect the utilization of fleets. It was hard to attain full utilization 20 years ago. AI-based technologies have changed that. Today, car rental companies can predict the demand for their cars. That helps them plan and add cars when necessary. They can also de-fleet to avoid losses. They can store data relating to weather, social events, and demographics.


A lot has happened in the rental car industry within the last 20 years. Companies have adopted new technologies to streamline their operations. Today, customers can book rental cars online. All they need to do is open a smartphone app or online platform and choose their car of choice. After that, they can complete the booking and pay the charges. They do not have to leave the comfort of their homes. Further, companies can track the usage of their cars and manage the maintenance in a better way.

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