How Kia Pegas is Taking Market Share in the Car Rental Industry

Kia has a large customer base, possibly due to the cars and gadgets they offer. To take a large market share, the company offers modern and up-to-date technology for their customers. That should tell you that their Kia Pegas model offers the most recent features.

Furthermore, they prefer offering family vehicles such as SUVs and sedans. The Kia Pegas is among the most popular vehicles they offer. It is spacious, fuel-efficient, comfortable for both the driver and passengers, and inexpensive to rent.

A Quick Introduction to the Kia Pegas

You will appreciate the comfort and fuel efficiency that the Kia Pegas provides. The vehicle entered the market in the year 2017, and it is already making a difference. This vehicle, which is also on the first generation, is doing great as one of the entry-level market cars.

The manufacturer targets it to the young audiences who would want to get from one point to the other easily. Nevertheless, this car fills the gaps among the fleet members and takes a frontal approach against the competitors.

It is affordable, cost-effective, and value-oriented. The manufacturer designed it for people in need of the essential features solely. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for daily commuters. You can choose a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed Automatic model depending on your needs.

Moreover, it boasts a short wheelbase and well-selected equipment. This is among the features that have helped the car dominate the market. If you hate the task of shifting gears, the 4-speed automatic might be worth choosing.

A Quick Introduction to the Kia Pegas

The Engine, Transmission, and Performance

You will realize that driving the car is smooth, and the response among the mid and low gears is great. At very high speed, this vehicle will produce a loud noise in the cabin due to its small engine. It is a perfect choice for city cruising but not for highway driving. Due to the Macpherson strut fitted on the rear and front suspension, your rides will be smooth.

Speaking of the suspensions, they are excellent on smooth flat roads, and they will absorb bumps on the way. The car is not a good choice when driving on uneven terrains because the suspensions are stiff. You will feel almost every bump on the road because of the stiff suspension.

However, Kia Pegas handles sharp turns excellently due to its narrow body. You will stay well mounted on your seat during your journeys.

The Kia Pegas is available in a single trim with option 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual. The engine specifications are the same for both the automatic and manual vehicles. It offers a 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine, which delivers 95bhp horsepower and a 132 Nm torque output.

Besides, the vehicle will accelerate from 0 kph to 100 kph within 13.1 seconds and attain the 170kph top speed. Speaking of the fuel economy, the car consumes one litre of fuel per 6.1km when driving in the city. When on the highway, it will consume one litre per 13.18km.

The Exterior

When it comes to the exterior design, it features a sharp mesh strip between the bumpers and hood, which forms the front grille. It has a broad front bumper that makes a high waistline to protect the body. Again, the air intake panels on the front bumper are large to make the vehicle aerodynamic. You will love the fog lamps, which allows for better vision at night.

It comes with 14-inch allow wheels, but you can also choose the 14-inch steel wheels. The standardized Kia Pegas offers LED side repeaters, electric mirrors, and chrome door handles. Besides, the low trunk opening at the back features a pole type antenna, which sticks out near the centre.

5 Reasons for Renting Kia Pegas in Dubai

The Interior

The smart interior design of this vehicle keeps it simple. The manufacturer uses a hard plastic material to make the dashboard. Furthermore, the dashboard only boasts the essential equipment to prevent cluttering.

Due to the synthetic leather used to wrap the steering wheel, you will drive comfortably. Use the audio remote control situated on the steering wheel to change music tracks and to avoid getting your eyes off the road when driving.

The manufacturer also includes a gauge display, which displays the important engine information, which will provide you with the speed, fuel economy, and car maintenance messages.

Near the centre is the 7 inches infotainment system boasting Apple Carplay, Voice-over Bluetooth, and Android Auto. The system provides rear parking sensors and a manual climate controller.

Its seats are more comfortable with adequate legroom and headroom. You can stretch as much as you want. Unluckily, the driver seat height is not adjustable. The rear space is comfortable and accommodates five individuals.

Rent Kia Pegas 2020 in Dubai

Everyone will have adequate space to stretch. The low opening trunk allows easier lifting of luggage bags into and out of the trunk. Expect it to hold 475 litres of cargo, but you can fold the split seats to expand the cargo space.

The Rental Price

Kia Pegas vehicle is among the cheapest vehicles to rent. You can rent the vehicle for AED 60 each day, amounting to AED 1250 per month. However, you have to pay an AED 1000 security deposit, which the car rental company will refund within 15-30 days after the rental period.

This car will accommodate five passengers and 3 medium-size bags. Choose a White, Blue, Red, Silver, Champagne Gold, or Grey colour to match your needs.

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When choosing a vehicle, you should know your destination and the number of passengers to accommodate. The Kia Pegas will accommodate five passengers and three bags. Lastly, this four-door sedan vehicle offers Fabric Seats, Parking Assist, and Parking Assist. Other features are Front and Rear Airbags, USB, Climate Control, and Steering Assist.

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