How to Avoid the Busy Traffic on Roads in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a tourist attraction and central place to host several fairs and galleries. It is an international hub for large crowd gatherings. You can expect traffic in regions and thereby delay in movement from one place to another.

The administration is taking new measures to prevent delays due to traffic. Their suggestion to prevent traffic jams and delays is by using car pool. You get to share a car with multiple people instead of every individual driving their own vehicle.

Drivers can opt to find best routes by choosing navigation while selecting rent a car in Dubai. This will help you in reaching your destination on time whether you are trying to reach home or work.

As most of the population in Dubai use public transport to reach their offices and desired destinations, renting a car or carpool would make it easy for rest of the crowd to experience a smooth journey while traveling around Dubai. You can save money and prevent traffic jams to a great extent. Additionally, below points will help you to have a blissful experience while traveling in rent a car:


Weekends are best time of week to drive around:

Friday mornings are ideal time to drive around in Dubai. It is first day of the weekend and you will find roads less busy. If you start a little early you can reach your destination way earlier than usual time. If you plan to visit malls and parks on weekends then you would come across huge crowds by feeling lost. Weekends are ideal to travel out of city and weekdays to visit malls and parks.


Avoid office and school hours:

You need to plan your visit around Dubai before or after school-time and office hours. Most offices in Dubai are located in southern part of Dubai. Office-goers tend to travel from other regions of Dubai to southern part and this is peak time for traffic.

Similarly, you need to plan your evening travels as offices and schools close by 5 pm in the evening. Thetraffic will again peak from 5 pm to 7:30 pm in the evening. Plan your travels before or after busy hours, so you don’t end up standing in long queues.


Traffic survivals:

Maintaining a safe distance will prevent accidents in most cases. Instead of stopping your rented vehicle every tim braking lights are seen from other cars in front of you. You should slow down or speed up whenever necessary if the distance is maintained carefully.

It is critical to avoid early morning commutes where there is tendency of heavy fog. This is an important life hack and not a mandatory traffic rule, and if you follow you are safe from emergency situation and prevent accidents.


Keep calm as the traffic clears:

Traffic jams can bring your temper up and make you feel irritated, there is nothing you can do about it but wait till the traffic clears off. Instead of jumping the lanes or authority bashing, you can stay calm, listen to songs and keep yourselves cool and composed if you are stuck in traffic.

If you try and break traffic rules to get yourself ahead of traffic, you can make situation worst. Most drivers prefer to use the Sheikh Zayed Road for commuting around Dubai in rent a car causing traffic jams and bottlenecks. Instead, use Al Khail highway to avoid traffic as road is broader than Sheikh Zayed and has no Salik toll.


Plan your trip and work on timings:

If you are planning as a tourist, you should think ahead and check your location to estimate average time to get to your destination, high traffic roads, congested roads, etc.

You can make a wise plan to visit places without being caught in traffic. You can use Google and other applications available in your smartphones to get updated traffic information. Google maps can also give you alerts on upcoming traffic roads to help you reach your destination quickly.

The new applications give you an update on high traffic zones in Dubai and you can get select alternative routes. Dubai administration provides detailed information about accidents and traffic congestion through their RTA Website.


Stay away from the areas that are congested:

Residential areas are always crowded and become bottleneck for vehicle movement, thereby creating traffic jams. The most congested areas are around Discovery Gardens, JLT, Karama, Deira and the International city.

These locations have good eating places but no tourist spots around them, so avoid going to these places to dine out in rent a car. Instead, you can check on navigation of your rent a car and go to spots that are not in congested areas to save time.

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