How to Avoid the Busy Traffic on Roads in Dubai

Published by Rental Cars UAE

Dubai is always a place of tourist attraction and the central place of several hosting several fairs and galleries. So Dubai is a hub of gathering large crowd and you can expect traffic in most regions and thereby delaying the movement of the crowd from one place through roadways. The government has been involved in taking new measures, to prevent the delays due to traffic and their suggestion to prevent traffic jams and prevent delays is to use the method of Car pooling, where you get to share a car with a lot of people you know instead of driving a car by each one of you. Also, you can opt for renting a car, thereby having lesser cars on the road and cannot have any form of traffic jams and you can reach your destination at the right time without any delays be it home or work.

As the most population in Dubai, use public transport to reach their offices and desired destination, renting a car or carpooling would make it easy for the rest of the crowd to experience a smooth journey around Dubai. This not just saves a lot of money, also prevents traffic to a great extent, so you reach your destination at the right time. Even as you are following the above-recommended suggestions to avoid busy road traffic in Dubai, also keep in mind these below points to have a blissful experience while travelling around Dubai:


Weekends are the best time of the week to drive around:

Friday mornings are the ideal time to drive around the city of Dubai, as it the first day of the weekend you will actually find the road less busy and if you start a little early you can reach your destination on the mind or even way early than you expect on usual week hour. If you are planning to visit malls and parks, weekends would have a lot of family crowd and you would feel lost in the crowd you are exposed to. Weekends are ideal to travel out of the city and weekdays can be used to visit malls and parks as the expected crowd is comparatively low.


Avoid office and school hours:

As a general rule all over the world, you need to plan your visit around Dubai before or after the busy school and office hours. Most of the offices in Dubai are located in the southern part of Dubai, so most office-goers tend to travel from the other regions of Dubai to the southern part of Dubai and this is the time where the 49% – 77% of the traffic is experienced. Similarly, you need to plan your evening travels as the offices and schools close by 5 pm in the evening, so traffic will again peak from 5 pm to 7:30 pm in the evening. So plan your travels before or after this busy hours, so you don’t end up standing in long queues honking at other cars drivers.


Traffic survivals:

Anywhere you drive around the world, not just Dubai always keep up a safe distance from other cars and an eye all the others that are around you. This is important for your survival, as Dubai’s speed limit in of 25km/hr to 40 km/hr. Maintain a safe distance will prevent accidents in most cases and also driving when there is heavy fog in the early morning should be avoided. Instead of breaking your vehicle every time you see red lights in the car in front of you, you can always slow down or speed up whenever necessary if the distance is maintained carefully. This is an important life hack and not a mandatory traffic rule, and if you follow this you are always safe from any emergency situation and can prevent accidents.


Keep calm as the traffic clears:

Traffic jams can bring your temper up and make you feel irritated, however, there is nothing you can do about it but wit till the traffic clears off. Instead of jumping the line or authority bashing, you can stay calm, listen to songs and keep yourselves cool and composed if you are stuck in traffic. If you try and break traffic rules to get yourself ahead of traffic, you can make the situation worst making, and will never make the situation better. Most of them prefer to use the Sheikh Zayed Road for commuting around Dubai, causing traffic and bottlenecks. So instead use the Al Khail Highway to avoid traffic as the road is broader than Sheikh Zayed Road and has no Salik toll in them.


Have a Trip plan and work your timings on them:

If you are planning as a tourist, you need always think ahead and check your location to estimate the average time to get to your destination, high traffic roads, congested roads, etc so you can make a wise plan to visit this place without being caught in traffic. You can use google and other apps available in your smartphones to get this information and while you are driving to this place, the google maps can also give you alerts on upcoming traffic roads to help you reach your destination quickly. The new papers also give you an update on the high traffic zones in Dubai and you can get alternative routes to your place. You also have the RTA website to refer and check to get updates on traffic and alternate routes.


Stay away from the areas that are Congested:

Residential areas are always crowded and become the bottle next for vehicle movement, thereby creating traffic. In Dubai, the most congested areas centre around Discovery Gardens, JLT, Karama, Deira and the International city. These locations have good eating places but no tourist spots around them, so avoid going to these places for restaurants, instead, you can stay home and get the food delivered to your place.