How to Spend Your Last 24 Hours in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city. It has some of the tallest buildings in the world and some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever come across. People travel from all corners of the world to this place to see the many wonders it offers.

The best thing is that the city is still growing and the attractions increase after each day. Nearly a quarter of the globe’s construction cranes are in the city.

Further, Dubai is home to the globe’s tallest tower and the largest shopping mall. It also offers the largest man-made marinas in the world. And on another side, Dubai is tied to its old days as a port town. So, you will find many traditional wooden boats, known as abras.

The traditional boats float past the motorboats in Dubai Creek, However, if you have only 24 hours left before you fly back to your country, here are the things you would want to do in this city.

1. Move to a Beach and Enjoy Your Breakfast There

To have the best breakfast in Dubai within your last 24 hours here, drive to the beach and order your favorite meal. Most people will walk to the Eggspectation cafe at Jumeirah Beach Residence. The thriving venue offers an extensive list of menus that make it a perfect choice for picky people, too.

You can try a French toast or pancakes, Smoked Salmon Benny, or California Dreaming. They will serve what you love most so you can leave for the day with a full stomach. Order your breakfast, so remember to do that in advance. Also, keep in mind that the prices can go beyond AED 60 for one dish.

If their recipes do not appeal to you, try any of the other cafes in the area. Alternatively, you can move to La Postreria and enjoy a dessert. The Mediterranean breakfasts go for AED 57 and come with juice and coffee. Request to seat upstairs so that you can enjoy the best seafront views.

Move to a Beach and Enjoy Your Breakfast There

2. Enjoy a Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Hot-air balloon rides in Dubai are expensive. However, you will learn more about Dubai while enjoying your hot balloon ride. You will get better views of the sprawling desert dunes and the tall buildings in this city. Besides, the morning silence and the warm sunshine will make your ride comfortable.

Keep in mind that the hot-air balloon rides start very early in the morning. So, if you are not an early riser, enjoy your breakfast after you are through with the ride. You will spend over AED 1,195 for a single hot-air balloon ride.

Enjoy a Hot-Air Balloon Ride

3. Relax at the Beach

If you would want to spend some time at the beach, you can relax and swim before leaving Jumeirah Beach Residence. The beach offers many facilities for travelers. Rent a sun lounger for one day or lay on your towel. After it gets too hot, take a dip to cool off your body.

The temperatures are high in summer, and therefore you might need to spend less time at the beach. The beach offers many shops and restaurants. It further offers many water activities like flyboarding, parasailing, and jet skiing.

4. Learn Some History and Culture

Dubai offers more beyond luxury hotels, steel skyscrapers, and fast-moving cars. You can learn about the history and culture of this city and the Islam religion before leaving. Also, visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre to learn about Dubai’s culture. The centre charges only 25 dirhams per individual.

The individuals running the talks explain various aspects of Islam. Besides, you will learn about the five pillars of Islam, why the Muslims wash before they pray, and how to pray. The speakers encourage visitors to ask questions.

If you do not want to learn anything about the Islam religion, move to the Dubai Creek. Here you will learn more about the history and culture of Dubai. Proceed to the spice and gold souks at Deira.

The price of gold here is the best. Buy from the allowed sellers for the best quality. You can pick up as many gifts as you want for your family and friends.

5. Enjoy views of the Dubai Water Canal as You Enjoy Your Lunch

Dubai Water Canal is a popular tourist attraction and offers spectacular views. It is in Business Bay, and you can access it via the metro or by taking a quick cab ride. Walk leisurely around the architectural wonder and soak in one of the areas.

To have your lunch, walk to the BASTA. Choose the terrace seating to enjoy better views of the Dubai Water Canal.

Enjoy views of the Dubai Water Canal as You Enjoy Your Lunch

6. Make Your Way to the Dubai Mall

After learning something about Dubai, proceed to the largest mall in the UAE for shopping. Tourists and the residents of Dubai meet at The Dubai Mall for shopping. The mall provides many international brands, dining options, and tourist attractions.

Its size is close to that of 50 football pitches, and it offers 1,200 stores. So, you are unlikely to see everything it provides.

Make Your Way to the Dubai Mall

7. Catch Sunset View at the Top of Burj Khalifa

It is time to move from the new Dubai. You will find many people at Burj Khalifa at sunset waiting to catch the beautiful sunset views. Climb to the 124th floor to catch the stunning views of popular landmarks.

Catch Sunset View at the Top of Burj Khalifa

8. View the Dubai Fountain While Dining

Further, Rent a car and move to the restaurant overlooking the Dubai Fountain for your dinner. The choreographed dancing fountain is the largest in the world, and it sits in Burj Khalifa Lake. The fountain dances to rhythms of popular tracks and shoots water to around 500 feet high.

Still, you will find many restaurants in the place. Choose an outdoor spot at your restaurant of choice for better views. The shows start at 6 pm and 11 pm. The tickets go for AED 65.


The list of things to do in Dubai is long. However, your options are limited when you have 24 hours only in the city. So, it is always good you choose the best tourist attractions and activities. The above list will help you plan for your day and avoid missing the best destinations.

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