Important items to keep in a rental car

Car rentals can be quite costly but, the convenience it brings, compels us, to prefer it. Considering, when one travels outside or interstate booking for car hire service is the best bet, that brings fewer complications. So, what are important items, one should not miss out to keep, in a hired car?


Items to check when you rent a car

  • Emergency safety kit

Any car owner or driver should have a safety kit with them and generally, rental car companies give it complementary. The safety kit must have basic first aid items, a flashlight, a multi-tool, some kind of fire-starter like matches, duct tape, primarily. For emergencies, having energy bars, and water bottles, weather radio, preferably, solar-powered, and, of course, extra batteries are essential.

  • Car repair and maintenance items

When looking for a dealer, make sure they give supplementary spare tire, in good condition, along with, a tire inflator, and sealer. Taking action is much better than, having to wait for hours, for the maintenance team to reach.

Especially, in remote areas chances of coming across a flat tire, is a very typical incidence. Keeping jumper cables, or emergency battery in the car trunk is similarly practical. Dead batteries can be awful particularly, on highways. For additional precautionary measures, having a pressure gauge, car manual, and contact to a car repair station, for remote assistance can be remarkably helpful.


  • Extra things to have in a hired car, especially, when traveling, longer distances

Carrying a conventional road map is a must because getting lost, in a deserted place, with no tower or signal is something, that can happen to anyone. To tackle situations, like a breakdown of  car, or punctured tires, where parking in the dark, seems to be, the only choice. In such a scenario, having a reflective triangle will help. So, going an extra step by carrying fluorescent signs, may prevent getting hit, by some other vehicle, in the dark.

Having seat belt cutters, and a window breaker in an accessible spot, like, the gloves compartment is also a good idea. So, even if, you face some alarming incident, getting out in safety, won’t be impossible.

  • Items to have when traveling in winters, or snow

When driving in snow, or during a blizzard, carrying a spare blanket can be comforting. Likewise, an ice scraper and cardboard remnants for traction of tires can be, extremely useful, during winters.

  • Some other basic things to carry, for a more comfortable journey, in a rental car

Keeping paper and cloth towels, tissues, and USB battery for mobile charging, may seem insignificant, but in crisis, they will be a lifesaver. For a more relaxed journey, over long distances, having extra blankets, or a neck pillow can be incredible.

When driving overnight, an hour’s worth of sleep will be a necessity but with supplies, it can be refreshing too.  Moreover, carrying an umbrella and reusable plastic bags will be benefiting during rain, or an impromptu, shopping spree. These items are nowhere exhaustive but one can never be too careful! So, when choosing to cheap rent a car, make it a point to have things prepared, beforehand.

Happy Journey!

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