Interesting facts about Sharjah

Want to know more about Sharjah? In this article, you will learn some basic facts about Sharjah. Sharjah has some interesting facts that you will find nowhere else. We have done extensive research on Sharjah so you can understand some basic facts. Read it below.

Sharjah Facts

1. Meaning of Sharjah name

Do you know Sharjah’s name, which was named after sunrise?

It’s not huge it’s not so big after being the third largest emirate out of seven. The total population is 75%, and the land area is 90 square miles. Therefore, you can get a rental car at an affordable price due to the small size of the city here. The place is spacious for everyone.
Another interesting fact is that the principality takes the area of UEA College from 3%. The place is not as big as Tokyo. If you visit here, you will enjoy it more than anywhere else.

2. The ruling family dates back to 1600AD.

Since he was ruler of Sharjah, known as His Highness Sheikh Sultan Mohammed, he has been governor since January 25, 1972. He was governor of the 18th Emirate of Abu Dhabi. So, in the line of the rulers of Al Qasimi again on 1600 a.m. This makes it remembered all the time.

3. Advanced health care

The city is known for advanced health care that deals with emergency care. It focuses on emergencies since over 50% of total hospital visits associated with roadside accidents or injuries. A $1 billion healthcare facility with a population of nearly 2 million.

That figure was improving in 2020. You don’t have to fight anymore. The car is affordable for rent here and you don’t have to worry anymore. The equipment used for the hospital is of high quality.

Sharjah Healthcare

4. Tourist capital

It’s known as the tourism capital of the United Arab Emirates. Here you will get the perfect combination of modern infrastructure with the right amount of cultural heritage for the visitor. One of the exciting things about Sharjah is the diversity of culture. Great hospitality, location of monuments with all the great things.

People enjoy visiting this place because of something unique from the inside. These other important facts make the place stand out above other places in UEA.

Sharjah Festival of Light, tourism capital

5. Filled with hidden food gems

If you are looking for the best biryani or shawarma, you will find them all here. Here you will get fantastic street food. If you are looking for authentic, then most likely you can get here. You will get hundreds of small restaurants that can serve you well, ranging from the Middle East to India and Pakistan.

6. Principality of both sides

Sharjah is located on the Arabian coast as the emirate has three areas of the east coast of Khalil Amman. The geography of the UAE has arrived from the fact that the emirate alone.

7. They love the big living spaces.

Most people don’t want to get out of their homes. That’s because of a ton of space. The apartment building here is extensive with high-quality materials.

You can get affordable prices. The house has a spacious kitchen, a large living room and a large bedroom.

When designing a house here, one thing we focus on is spacious. The best house is built using the space provided. If you compare a house from Sharjah, it is important and looks attractive.

8. Prosperity

The place also has an oil reserve that has helped its economy. Sharjah’s prosperity over the past few decades fueled mainly by the discovery of natural gas found there. If you are looking for an attractive place, it is a beautiful place and entertainment.

Therefore, renting a car in Dubai can be cheap because of the availability of oil. You can enjoy a great environment here.

9. Sharjah is home to a protected reserve.

Here are other facts about Sharjah, Wasit Nature Reserve. It takes 4.5 square kilometers that are used earlier and dumped. The area is thriving and allows visitors to look at rare birds and other wetland species. The nature of this place is very interesting to visit.
You will see natural lakes attract about 150 species of birds a year, both of which attract lakes. The Sharjah Water Authority is supported by the groundwater channel flowing from Mount Hatta and al-Falaj.

10. The Cultural Capital of the Arab World

For culture, it stands out as the capital of the UAE and the Gulf states. It shows the countries that are at the heart of the Arab lifestyle. And Islamic culture through restoration.

Under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed. UNESCO promoted the culture of the Arab world in 1998.

The Sharjah Heritage Directorate, established in June 1993, aims to preserve and promote the custom. The directorate tried to protect old structures, galleries and old materials everywhere across the country. Chargaweis wants to raise their children there too.

Sharjah Cultural Sharjah

People who grow up in this place want their child to have a similar upbringing parents want them to stay comfortable and enjoy themselves.It is also the most diverse emirate that it relates to nature. It is home to mangrove forests, mountains, deserts and beaches. Parents need their children to adopt a lifestyle in Sharjah.


Some of the above facts you need to know about Sharjah. If you rent a car in Dubai to take you, Sharjah, you can see all the facts listed here. The place is beautiful and attractive for many visitors.

The realities of the tourist capital can be one of Sharjah’s leading facts. So, if you need everything about Sharjah, visit and you will surprise the wonderful facts. The traditional art of Sharjah’s children also enjoys the fabrication of an exciting story on Sharjah.

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