Jump Starting a Car | How to and When Do You Need it?

On rare occasions, your car’s battery might run out of charge and prevent your car’s ignition from starting especially in some rental cars, because of their high mileage driven and weak battery. In that case, jump-starting the car is the only option left for you to turn on the car’s ignition to start the engine. It’s essential to know how to jump-start the car, especially when you’re on the highway or in the middle of the road.

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What is Jump Starting a Car?

Jump-starting uses another car’s battery to share its charges with your car battery, enough that the electronic starter can start the engine. It works by transferring the 12V current of the doner’s car to the receiver’s 12V battery. This suddenly boosts your car’s dead battery, restoring the ignition.

What Causes a Dead Battery

A dead battery can be due to multiple reasons. The most common cause of the dead battery is leaving your car’s electronic component on in a shut-off car for a while. Because when the car’s engine is turned on, all the electronic components take the energy from the engine.

In an off-car, the electronic components take the energy from the battery. If the component stays on for a long duration, it can empty your battery, causing a dead ignition when you start the car. 

Another reason is the weak battery. Weak batteries have energy leaks that continuously lose their charges even if they’re not in use. This causes a dead battery and dead ignition.

In all those situations, you need to jump-start your car to start the car’s engine.

Things that You Need When Jump Starting A Car:

  • A pair of alligator jump wires. Black and red.
  • A car that has a dead battery and needs to be jump-started.
  • A donor car from where the dead battery will receive the boost. Make sure the donor car must have a healthy battery and is fully charged.

Safety Measures While Jump starting:

  • Never jump-start a battery whose health is weak or is low in charge. Otherwise, the donor’s battery will also get flat.
  • Try not to use leads that are damaged or burnt.
  • If the leads start getting hot, unplug them immediately.
  • Keep the flammable fuel away during the jump-starting process.


Always connect the + (positive) terminal with + (positive) and – (negative) terminal with – (negative). Never connect these terminals with opposite terminals. This will cause a short circuit in the car’s Engine Command Unit, which will catch fire immediately.

How To Jump Start a Car?

Here’s a brief guide on how you can jump-start a car:

Arrange both cars with bonnets facing each other

The first thing is to arrange the cars so that you can connect the alligator wires with each other’s battery terminals. Make sure to pull the handbrake as you don’t want both cars to hit each other.

Connect the + positive with + positive and – negative with – negative

Now, open the hood and connect + with the + terminal and – negative with – negative of the battery. The lead should always connect with the same sign as the other battery. Connecting with opposite terminals can cause severe damage to the ECU and fire up the car immediately.

Start the donor car

Now, start the donor car who’s going to share the charges. This will slow down the current flow in the donor’s battery, so you’ll not face any sparks while connecting the leads.

Start your car

Start your car with a flat battery connected with the donor battery. In this way, your battery will start receiving the current from the donor’s battery, enough to start the ignition. 

Keep your car’s ignition on

Keep the ignition on if the car doesn’t start the 1st time. You should keep it for at least 15 seconds to 30 seconds. The more you keep the ignition on, the more the battery will receive charges from the donor battery.

Drive or Idle your Car 

Remove the wires and keep your car’s engine on for at least 10 minutes. This will allow the car generator to recharge the battery and prevent the flat battery next time.

Shut off all the electronic components after turning off the engine

Next time, don’t keep your electronics on after turning off the engine. Otherwise, you will have to jump-start the car again.

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