Lease to Own a Car in Dubai

It is not cheap to buy a vehicle and when you consider other bills that you have to take care of, buying a car may not be in your plan for a long time to come. However, what if you can lease to own a car? What if you can lease a car and start driving it right away while you gently ease yourself into owning it? 

What is a Lease to Own a Car?

Rent or lease to own a car is a service that car rental companies in the UAE offer to their customers. The customers are allowed to rent a car for one to three years while they pay the installments for the cost of the vehicle. 

By the end of the 2-year lease period, the vehicle will be registered in their name. It is a simple process and you are not required to go through any rigorous documentation process.

How easy is the process?

This is possible and you can consider owning your vehicle through this process. When you sign up at the car rental company, you can request to rent to own a car in Dubai and you will be given the available options. With this process, you can become a car owner without denting a hole in your wallet. 

It features an easy payment plan and you do not require any tedious paperwork to start the process. The fact is that the car rental company will most likely take care of the paperwork and the procedure. All you have to do is declare your interest and the rental company will take care of the process. 

Before you know it, you are signed up to the program and you become a proud owner of your dream car.

Process of Working

 The lease to own a car program allows you to rent a car for a specific length of period and while using the vehicle, you will make monthly payments toward the acquisition of the vehicle. The payments are for both the rental fee and the purchase of the car. 

All you have to do is sign the documents that state the duration in which you want to lease the vehicle and make the payment based on the agreed timeframe. When you have completed the payment, you become the owner of the car. This is an easy way to become the rightful owner of a car in Dubai.

What are the Benefits of Leasing to Own a Car in Dubai?

Many advantages are associated with leasing to own a car. Following are a couple of them to help you decide.

  • You do not pay any extra cost to buy or use a car.
  • It comes with affordable options
  • Easy way to own a car
  • No deposit is necessary to pick up the vehicles
  • You can opt-out and sell the vehicle when you want
  • There is no limit to your driving mileage
  • You get free maintenance and service on the vehicle during the period of the lease


If you have been having issues with buying a car because of other financial commitments, you can choose to rent to own a car in Dubai. It is simple and easy to complete the process and you are not required to make any purchase deposit before you pick up the vehicle. This is undoubtedly a great way to own your dream car in Dubai. Alternatively, you can lease a car for 6 months or even more as per your requirements. 


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