Where Should I Park The Car When I Bring It Back?

You can see crawling traffic during peak hours in Dubai. Vehicle owners have to deal with a lack of parking space almost every day. The vehicle density in Dubai is much higher than the other metropolitan areas across the globe. Even if you’re a good driver, parking can be a concern for anyone. Your intention of renting a car in Dubai during your vacation is to keep your travel hassle-free. Then it is obvious, you need proper parking space to keep the rental car safe during the trip.

Locations To Park Your Car in Dubai


Dubai is known for its huge and spacious malls. It is prominent that these malls will have huge parking spaces. If you’re traveling to a mall or a place nearby any mall, you can park your vehicle in the mall’s parking space. Usually, there is no parking fee for less than 3 hours, but rules can vary for every mall.


The majority of hotels in Dubai provide free parking facilities to their customers. You can avail of this service whether you have a rental car or a personal vehicle. Hotel parking is safest for any kind of vehicle.

Parking Zones

There are three designated areas in Dubai which are called commercial, non-commercial, and special areas. These areas are divided into parking zones A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

  •       Commercial areas in zones A and B provide seasonal parking cards which can be achieved when you park the first time.  We will discuss seasonal cards later.
  •       Non-Commercial areas in zones C and D have particular spots and you can park only on the specified spots. These spots are marked with signboards for your convenience.
  •       Special areas have zones E, F, and G that witness heavy traffic of pedestrians and vehicles because they’re areas like the market and downtown. Hence, there are special rules that motorists have to follow during parking to avoid parking fines. 

What are the Parking Fines in Dubai?

The Dubai parking fines vary for every scenario. If the motorist is parking their car illegally or misusing any parking facility which is obstructing the traffic on the road, they will be fined Dh200. If motorists are using the parking illegally which is made for special needs, the fine is Dh1000. Above all, non-payment of parking fees includes a fine of Dh150. Exceeding the paid parking period will cost Dh100 which may vary from location to location.

What is a Seasonal Card?

If you’re on a long trip to Dubai, it is wise to purchase a seasonal card. This card is applicable for three months to 6 months. With this card RTA allows light vehicles to park in public parking spaces according to the code on the parking plate.

How to Pay Online for Parking in Dubai?

Public parking is chargeable and drivers can pay through parking meters as well. However, we are living in a paperless environment, so paying online is the best way of avoiding paper use. mParking is an online facility provided by the RTA for people to pay parking charges in Dubai. The motorists send a text to 7275 (PARK) through their Du mobile phone or Etisalat in a particular format.

We understand the culture in Dubai is different from Western countries. Still, you shouldn’t hesitate to stay in Dubai if you get a chance.






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