DubaiNow App is Must Have In Your Phone Before Arriving in Dubai

When travelling to Dubai, you should know that the city is going paperless. The government has a goal of making the city one of the happiest in the globe, and DubaiNow is among the projects. Dubai Now, the app is available for both Apple and Android devices and allows users to access most government services instantly.

In the year 2019, the Crown Prince of Dubai said that the app would eliminate individual entity apps. By the end of 2019, Dubai residents and citizens had transacted more than Dh4 billion through the app. When travelling to Dubai, you will need to install the app on your phone. Here are the reasons you need to do that.

1. You Need the App When Paying for Fuel

With the Dubai Now app, there will be no need to carry credit cards or cash to refuel your car. The Department of Finance, ENOC Group, and Smart Dubai Govern Established (SDG) signed an MoU to launch a new service through the Dubai Now app. The service allows customers to pay for petrol through the app across the retail network of ENOC in the UAE. To pay for petrol, you just need to download the app onto your mobile device and select the ENOC location.

That shows that the UAE government is working to offer all services on one platform. The government believes that the Dubai Now app allows people to make payments easily. You can process payment anytime, regardless of your location, with no cash.

You Need the App When Paying for Fuel

2. Use the App to Pay Your Bills

Bills are part of life, and you should be ready to pay several of them when in Dubai. You can use the Dubai Now app to pay the Water Authority and Dubai Electricity bill. You can use it to pay the Salik, Nol card, traffic fines, and Etisalat. Other bills like Du, Dubai Custom, Enoc, and Empower are also payable through the app.

3. Use It to Pay for Driving Services

You can use the app to pay for driving services, including MyCar and mParking. MyCar option on the app will provide you with details relating to your vehicle and the license. It will further provide you with details about any overdue license.

The mParking service eliminates hassles associated with finding perfect parking spots. The app displays the nearest parking spaces and the distance from your location. It provides options on the duration you can park.

Still, mParking option provides a fuel locator tool. The tool will be more helpful when running out of fuel and finding a petrol station is a problem. To use this service, allow access to your location. When driving an electric car, it will provide you with a list of the nearest charge stations and the details.

4. Use It to Locate Public Transport

With the app, you do not have to worry about your location and the route to follow to the nearest bus or metro station. Open the application and select the mode of transport you prefer. Further, you can use the app to top up the Nol card and open the Metro map. It will display your location on the map and display the nearest stations.

The journey planner will help you reach your destination within a short time. Again, they offer quick links to the most visited locations.

Use It to Locate Public Transport

5. Use the Security and Justice Section

The Security and Justice section on this app offers emergency numbers. So, you will find the numbers for the Dubai police, fire department, and ambulance service. Again, the section offers a list of all police stations close to you.

If you have any pending court cases, you can follow it up through the app. All you need to do is enter the serial number of the case and other details.

6. Use it to locate the Nearest Health Facility

The app will provide you with a list of the nearest clinic, doctors, and specialists when in Dubai. Further, it will track the vaccination appointments of your child. All you need to do is enter your child’s details. You are unlikely to miss the next doctor’s appointment.

7. Check the Status of Your Visa

The Residency Visas option allows you to check the status of your visa when in the country. Further, you can manage your residency and get a new residency visa if a need arises. However, you will need a Dubai ID or a UAE pass to use the service.

Check the Status of Your Visa

8. Use the Education Section

The education section provides several services. People with kids in private schools have to sign a school-parent contract. The contract lays down the parent-school agreement details. You can use the app to assess the details of the agreement.

All you need to do is use your Emirates ID number. You can use the app to assess the academic history of your child. Use it to locate the best school for your kids if you are planning to stay in the city for a long time. It groups schools according to the curriculum, annual fees, location, and grade.

The universities’ option allows you to find the best higher education options. Base your selection on quality assurance, specialized level of study, and fee range. Again, use the app to locate the best institute if one of your goals is to enhance your skills.

9. Locate the Mosques

Also, if you are a Muslim user, the app will show daily prayer timings, the fastest/best route to the prayer facilities. It will also show the nearest mosques. That means you are unlikely to miss any prayer session.

10. Get Flight and Other Important Information

The Dubai Now app provides all information relating to the flights in and out of Dubai International Airport. Therefore, you are unlikely to miss any of your flights. It provides you with a Dubai Calendar with all planned events.

It will help you locate the nearest ATMs and home service providers. You will get weather updates more often to help you plan for your day.



Dubai’s government has a goal of making the city paperless by the year 2021. The Dubai Now app might be all they need to make that possible. You can access most government services through the app and even pay fines.

With this app, there will be no need for cash or a credit card. You can use it to pay for fuel and parking.

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