Plan Your Holiday In Dubai With Family

Despite being able to spend the holiday at home with families, there is no doubt that some would prefer to go further on their adventurous spirit by taking their family on a long trip to another country. Why? Going on a regular family holiday to the family house may be boring. Dubai is a perfect location to change your taste of adventure with your family, there is nothing better than engaging yourself in adventurous activities with your family in another country.

When talking about the best locations for vacations, Dubai is one of the popular and best places to visit and a great choice for families. It offers a pack of excitement and the moments are unforgettable. Another advantage of going to Dubai is that it is easily accessible as there are direct flights to Dubai from over 85 countries and the trip is short and fast compared to other countries at long distances.

Dubai also is an elegant and modern city and often referred to as the future of the world, the adventure is so intriguing and exciting. You can’t hide the delight of walking along the marina or the view from skyscrapers. Dubai is a combination of tradition, modern, and ultra-modern culture.

An example is going to see the Emirati in a traditional dress, having breakfast with the Emirati, and going to the ancient souk for gems and other precious stones. This sort of activity remains memorable for a long time.

Dubai is packed with many interesting locations so if you want to go on a family trip to Dubai, you must have a plan or list of activities to enjoy your stay. We shall be highlighting some of the best plans.

Indoor Activities

If you are going to Dubai during the summer months, you should plan for indoor activities because the average temperature at that period will be around 40°C. So, at this period the world’s largest indoor theme park is a suitable location for indoor activities. You can try the indoor ski resort, the water parks are also a good place to adapt to the temperature. There are also other waterparks in Dubai.

Enjoy the indoor football for kids in “Goal”

Dubai has never being a problem for kids’ activities, they can be spoilt with choices. This is one of the reasons why going to Dubai with your family is a good plan.

Plan A Visit To The Top Of Burj Khalifa

One of the locations in Dubai that cannot be ignored is the staggering view of the Burj Khalifa, it is the most recognized building structure among the Dubai skyline.

It is sometimes said that a visit to Dubai is not fully accomplished until you take a look at the landscape of Dubai from the top view of Burj Khalifa. I agree with this because no family holiday can be complete without a visit to the Burj Khalifa.

There are two top floors on the Burj Khalifa you can view the city from, the 124th and 148th floor, the only difference is the price with an average of 128dirams(€34) per adult and 108Dirams(€24) per child, however, the price may go up at times so, it is always better to book in advance.

Catch Sunset View at the Top of Burj Khalifa

No matter the floor you choose, you will have a moderate view of the city.

Desert Safari

A visit to desert safari is one of the best activities a family should engage in. Desert safari is one of those traditional touches of Dubai and it recalls the ancient history of Dubai.

Desert safari takes you away from the skyscrapers in the major city of Dubai and it is packed with a lot of traditional activities. For more knowledge, the wealthy merchants of the ancient times travelled across this desert with Camels for their businesses, so you will get to see more Camels here and you can take pictures with them.

There are also traditional buildings still in existence there for dinner cruises and also for overnight activities with entertainments. For example, the belly dancing, a common dance in this region. You also get to eat their traditional food and local cuisines. Other activities include a bumpy ride across the desert in a land rover or safari SUV. The ride is always enjoyable

Visit Dubai Safari

Visit The Beaches

Beaches are no doubt common in Dubai because most are artificial and you will see it in many parts of the city some are private beaches owned by hotels while some are public which are free. You can take your family to any of the beaches and enjoy the warmth of the water. An example is the Jumeirah Beach it is located beside “The walk” it has a water park and a lot of water sport activities.

Plan A Visit To The Atlantis

Atlantis is a suitable place for a family visit. Located on the palm island, it is one of the best locations in Dubai for a family holiday visit.  The hotel itself looks like a building that came directly from underwater. The interior and exterior structure of the building is impressive.

There are some rooms in the hotel as though seem to be inside the water where you can have a perfect view of the varieties of aquatic animals moving freely in the water.

It is very captivating, however, the prices of these rooms are higher than the regular rooms in the hotel because of the view. Aside from the stunning view of the Hotel, there are other activities around the Hotel that families can engage in.


An example is the aqua venture water park. You can take a whole day alone in this park.  The good news is that it opens till late at night. So, you should go in the morning and visit other locations such as the aquarium in the evening.

There are also interesting activities for the kids like the splash zone, the river ride is also great activities for the whole family. The prices for both the Acquaventure water park and lost chambers aquarium (combo ticket) are €86 for adults and €68 for kids.

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