Pros and Cons of Wrapping Your Car

The wrapping is a controversial topic. Some say it’s a good thing to do, and some say it’s not worth it. In reality, it’s mixed. That’s why below in the article, we’ve explained to you the pros and cons of wrapping your car:

What is Car Wrapping?

Wrapping a car doesn’t mean packing your car in a plastic wrapper. It refers to applying the PVC vinyl sheet to the painted body of your vehicle. Most people do it during the modification of their car to get a unique and outstanding look, some people do this to protect the natural paint of their vehicle, or some do it to cover the rusted color of the car.

Pros of Wrapping

Here are the pros of the wrapping:

You Get a Unique and Custom Look

The look that you get from the wrapping is outstanding. PVC vinyl comes in different colors, shapes, designs, and almost any design you can imagine. When applied to the car, it levels up the look of your vehicle and gives it a sporty look. From matte, glossy, gold, and dual-tone to UV shades, vinyl comes in almost every design that you can imagine.

Protects Car Paint

The sheet can efficiently protect your car’s natural paint from the external environment, e.g., the sun’s UV rays, dust, and other particles. The damage to the paint can cost you an expensive repaint in the long run. That’s why most people prefer to wrap their car to protect it from external damage. Moreover, the vinyl protects your vehicle from minor micro-scratches due to dust and other small particles.

Repainted Look at Cheaper Price

Wrapping is much cheaper than repainting your car. It’s because wrapping involves using a PVC sheet applied on the painted body, while repainting requires a complete process of removing the old paint and applying the new coat, which requires the cost of the paint along with labor.


Here are the cons of wrapping the car:

Cost of the Wrap

Wrapping a car isn’t a budget expense. It might be cheaper than repainting, but not that cheap. Each wrapping requires at least 100-200 meters of PVC sheet, which costs a reasonable amount of money. If the sole purpose of wrapping your car is to look and shine, then it might not be a wise decision to go with wrapping.


If a scratch or line occurs in the sheet, it’s unrepairable, and you’ve to re-apply the new sheet to that area again. Unlike paint, you can’t re-apply the same old sheet again. This can cost a reasonable amount of money if a scratch or tear occurs in the sheet.

Easy to Scratched

Vinyl is made up of PVC and it is highly sensitive to scratches due to its stretchy nature. Even, the dust particles can leave a micro scratch to the sheet that are non-preventable. Especially, if you’re using glossy vinyl, the shine will run out after 1-2 months due to the micro scratches.

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