5 Things that Reduces the Lifespan of Your Car

Owning a car isn’t about driving on the road and filling up the tank. It’s more than that. Your car consists of moving parts that need care, and some activities can result in a shorter lifespan of your car. What are those activities? Continue reading:

Things that Reduces the Lifespan of Your Car

Below we’ve written a brief article on things that shortens the lifespan of your car:

  • Not Tuning the Car on Time

Tuning the car is one of the essential maintenance of the car’s engine. Not getting your car tuned on time will affect the performance and shorten the lifespan of your car’s engine. 

It involves the replacement of engine oil, air filter, and dust removal from the engine of your car. Not changing the engine oil on time can build dust clots in the pistons, which can cause vibrations and piston failure. 

Moreover, as time passes, the engine oil reduces its heat carrying capacity and can seize the engine if you don’t change the oil for too long. 

  • Driving at high RPM

Especially if you have an automatic transmission car and drive in sports mode frequently, you might lose your engine faster than driving it in comfort or eco mode. In manual gear, driving at high RPM is equal to the sports mode of automatic transmission.

Higher RPM makes the engine work more, and pistons complete the cycle faster and more rapidly. In the short term, it’s okay. However, if driving in sports or high RPM is your habit, you might lose your engine faster. 

It increases the deterioration in the pistons and increases the chances of piston failure in the long term.

  • Driving with Low Fuel

Driving your car with low fuel can effectively reduce the lifespan of the fuel pump and engine. The fuel pump uses fuel as a lubricant to cool itself down. 

A low fuel level can increase the temperature of the fuel pump and can seize it in the long term. Moreover, less fuel will allow the fuel pump to intake debris settled at the bottom of the fuel tank. 

That debris can malfunction the piston or piston failure. It’s better to refill the tank before the fuel light appears on the dashboard. 

  • Broken Roads

Driving your car on broken roads can damage the suspensions of your car. It’s because driving on potholes impacts the suspensions to absorb the force caused by that irregular road. Driving over the potholes occasionally doesn’t cause any damage. However, regular driving like in the village and rough roads can damage the suspensions. 

  • Ran Out Tyres

Ran-out tires also cause damage to your car. There’s a limit on your car tires until they need to be replaced. If you use the tire even after it has expired, it will cause vibrations in your car. 

It’s because, after the expiry of the tire, it’s no longer able to absorb the vibrations of the road, transferring them into the car. These vibrations can affect the steering wheel’s alignment and give you an uncomfortable feeling due to the vibrations in the cabin. 

In the long term, it can also loose the bolts and welds of the frame.

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