Renault Duster Car Price, Specifications, and Reviews

People who are looking to buy a vehicle in the UAE should always check the Renault Duster. It’s one of the vehicles made by Renault in Romania and exported to the Emirates for mass use.

That makes Renault Duster one of the best 4X4 SUVs in the Emirates since the Duster car price in UAE is almost 65,000 dirham, one of the lowest you can find ever.

Renault Duster Variety of Engines

Besides the duster car price, which is one of the big reasons to purchase that vehicle, you can also buy it because it comes with a variety of engines.

First, you can pick the petrol engine that is well manufactured and will cost less. The diesel engine is the most powerful one and will withstand the hot and dry climate of the Emirates a lot more.

There is a segment of people who would wonder if the duster car price in UAE could be combined with the extreme economy of the LNG engine.

Now they can enjoy the combination of the petrol and LNG engine having an autonomy that overpassed the 1200km threshold.

Duster is The Lowest Priced SUV in the UAE

With a price lower than 70,000 AED, the Renault Duster vehicle remains the lowest-priced SUV in the Emirates. That price is not going to change for several years since Renault wants to be competitive compared to other European manufacturers and exporters to the Emirates.

Duster is Durable for Desert and Off-Road Conditions

Every UAE resident would like to know more about the Renault Duster durability other than the its price. We could say that Renault Duster comes in a 4X4 version that could easily go off-road. 

The distance between the vehicle chassis and the ground is more than 16 centimeters, making it possible for Duster to overpass any obstacle and safely return to the road.

Also, all the engines are durable and the diesel one gives an excellent economy in fuel consumption. You may expect Renault Duster to become your family SUV for several years and serve your needs to commute in the Emirates.

Gas Consumption is Low to Moderate 

Many people only ask about the duster car price without paying extra attention to the fuel consumption. The petrol version is indeed less energy efficient than the diesel and the LNG versions.

However, you can say that the vehicle is relatively low weight compared to the type of engine and its capacity. For that reason, Renault Duster may easily be used for farm works and other off-road excursions for the whole family. 

Many vehicle leasing companies in Dubai have lots of Renault Dusters to lease to their customers. They all have an adequate air-conditioning system, they hardly ever have any mechanical issues, and they are easy on the gas.

Maintenance Costs Are Kept Low

Finally, Renault Duster is a successful model since it needs less maintenance than any other model made and promoted by Renault. They share the same spare parts with Nissan and Dacia, the three factories united under the French Renault umbrella.

You only need to change the oil and the filter every 20,000 Km, and that’s all you need to do to keep the engine at its best performance. Renault Duster is a vehicle that can accommodate up to 6 passengers simultaneously and give them a comfortable drive anywhere in the country.

It’s a big bargain to buy a Renault Duster in the UAE and take advantage of its low price and reliability.


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