How to Rent a Car in 60 Minutes

Renting a car might look simple and natural to some people, but to others, it comes with challenges. You can do rental car booking online or through a customer service desk.

– Compare the Available Options

Visit a car rental comparison site and enter your desired rental dates and time. Remember to enter your desired car pickup and drop-off locations to get the best rentals near you. Most companies will require you to pay the rental fees along with a deposit to collect the car. However, some may allow you to pay a small portion of the agreed amount and pay the rest when picking the car. Still, others will allow payment of the whole amount at the counter. That eliminates the hassles associated with cancellations. After all, you will not incur any cancellation fees.

– Choose a Car Insurance Package

After comparing the price of the offered options, you have to choose an insurance cover. This is among the complicated areas to expect during your car rental process. Normally, car rental companies offer three types of insurance coverage. They include the Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, and Third-Party Liability cover.

Do Companies Allow Renting of Car For Other People

When renting a car, you will get the three covers as part of your deal. However, you will have a chance to buy an additional insurance cover. The Collision Damage Waiver will only cover the bodywork of the rental car. In other words, it will cover the windows, engine, and any other part in the car. Therefore, you may need additional insurance.

– Book the Best Rental Offer

After choosing the best car rental package, move to the checkout page. Here, you will have to provide your basic information, such as your name and the driver. Further, the rental company will need your email address and credit card details.

– Make the Payment

After you, through all the above sections, follow the steps to complete the payment. If the rental company allows payment during the pickup, you can skip the step. The site will inform you whether the car is available upon booking or there is a need for confirmation. The car rental company may confirm the transaction immediately if you booking through the official site.

– Wait for the Company to Confirm the Order

The car rental company will provide you with a voucher after confirming the booking. They may require you to submit some additional credentials when picking up the car. So, be ready to provide your domestic driver’s license, your ID, and your credit card. The requirements vary from one car Rental Company to the other.

– Pick Up the Rental Car

You have to consider a few things before going for the rental car. First, you have to check the car rental company’s fuel policy. Secondly, you have to check their insurance details stated in the rental agreement. Thirdly, check whether they need a security deposit. Mostly, the companies will block the deposit on your credit card temporarily and hold it for a month. If everything appeals to you, you can pick up the car from the agreed location and enjoy your trip.

– Return the Rental Car and Get Your Deposit

Remember to return the car before the rental period elapses to avoid penalties. Most companies will require you to pay the outstanding service charges you incurred. Further, they may hold your money deposit for more days.

Why Do Rental Car Companies Require the Credit Card and a Money Deposit?

Car rental companies require a deposit for many reasons. First, they require it to cover the gas fees and the range of damages you may incur during the car rental period. Secondly, the car company must deal with any traffic violation cases. Therefore, they require money to deal with any arising issues. They can deduct the money from your credit card account if the deposit is not enough. Deposits vary from one company and from one location to the other.

What Will Happen If I Return the Car Earlier?

You can return a rental car before the due date or time. However, you have to notify the rental company so that they can approve the return. Generally, they will not refund money for unused days. Moreover, some companies will charge you an earlier return fee. So, decide on the number of days you would want to keep the rental car before paying for it.

Do Companies Allow Renting of Car For Other People?

Rental companies do not allow renting of a car for another person if he/she is not the additional or main driver. The person who signs the contract and pays the fee is the main driver. You can add your spouse, friend, or child as the additional driver. However, the company will require them to be present at the counter during the booking. What’s more, they will need their credentials. Keep in mind companies will only allow for one additional driver.

Choose a Car Insurance Package

How Do You Choose the Best Car Rental Company?

When renting a car, keep in mind that there are three types of car rental companies. They include budget or low-cost companies, intermediate companies, and premium companies. Their prices are always slightly above the industry’s average. However, they have a wide range of cars, and you will find them in many places.

Intermediate companies maintain a higher service level and customer satisfaction, but they charge a lower amount. Low-cost companies are a good choice for price-sensitive customers. Therefore, you will find them in the key tourist destinations. Unfortunately, their services are available in a few places.

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