Rent Nissan Micra from Mall of Emirates, Dubai.

Are you living in the Mall of Emirates in the city of Dubai and looking for a monthly car rental? You can now rent cars from our cheap car rental in Dubai monthly. One of the available cars from our fleet of cars is the Nissan Micra. The car is available for rent cheaply at our car rental in Mall of Emirates. Nissan Micra?

The car is a great car available from our fleet and is available for rent. Visit our car rental now to book yours now. Want some information about the car?

The Nissan Micra is an intelligent car, and it comes with creative automatic headlamps that light up your way immediately it senses darkness. Do you like to walk at night? Then you will need the Nissan Micra to give you more power to drive at night. The Nissan Micra is intelligent and proactive. With its rain sensing wipers, it senses the changes in the windscreen, and it engages the wipers immediately.

The Nissan Micra is an Automatic car designed to give you a comfortable drive. With ‘the lead me to car’ feature, finding your car’s location is made easy without any stress. The Nissan MICRA CVT Automatic is a smart car that is full of athleticism – it gives you adrenaline rush every time you take a drive in it.

The accessibility of brilliant technology will make you a better driver. You can unlock your car with your keys in your bag or pocket. You can directly touch a button on the front door or boot handle with the intelligent key technology.  Once inside, press the engine start button and drive away.

Nissan Micra comes with clever steering-wheel-mounted audio controls and an integrated Bluetooth® hands-free phone system to get the best out of your drive. You can also switch to the CVT automatic transmission of the Nissan Micra for a stress-free drive.

The Automatic AC automatically keep in mind your desired weather or temperature, and it starts working to keep you comfortable, always. Are you ready to rent Nissan Micra? Follow the link above to get straight to the ordering page of the Nissan Micra.

You will get a lot of information about the car – you can also order online or visit our office in Dubai to meet with our customer service agents. Our staffs are fun to be with, and they will respond to your queries. To book for Nissan Micra car, you can make use of your Debit Card online or at our office here in Dubai.

All our cars are comprehensively insured with a full guarantee on them. From our car rental Mall of Emirates, renting of Nissan Micra is made easy for you as you can rent a cheap car from our cheap car rental monthly in Dubai. When you rent a car in Dubai, we are sure to make you have a smooth, affordable and stress-free stay in the city of Dubai.

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