How to Rent Cars with a New License in Dubai?

One of the crucial things to consider when traveling to Dubai is the transportation options to explore. Would you rely on public transport or book a car rental? Although Dubai has an effective transportation system, using a private vehicle is more convenient, faster, and seamless. 

If you plan to rent an automobile, you should be aware that the process has its specific requirements. One of the questions that many car renters have is whether it is possible to rent a car for new license holders in Dubai

It does not matter whether you’re a resident or a tourist; you should understand the regulations in place for renting a car, especially for new license holders. 

Who Can Rent a Car?

Before talking about how to hire a car for new license holders in Dubai, it is vital to understand the laws about renting a car in Dubai and who can rent a car in the city. First, if you are not up to 18 years old, you are not allowed to drive in Dubai. 

Second, you must be at least 12 years old before you can rent a car. To rent a car, you must have a valid driver’s license. Car rental companies would also likely ask about your driving experience so they can measure your eligibility to drive a car. 

Based on the guidelines in the UAE, a driver must have held his driver’s license for at least one year before he can be allowed to rent a car. This means that if your license is below one year old, you may not be allowed to rent a car to drive. 

Is it Possible to Rent a Car for License Holders in Dubai?

The UAE guidelines state that drivers must have held their driver’s licenses for at least a year before they can be approved for car rental. However, it is still possible to rent a car for new license holders. You may rent a car even with a new license. All you have to do is rent a car with a driver. 

With this, you can enjoy the benefits of riding in a private luxury car as a new license holder. The best part is that you do not have to drive. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This is often the best way to commute across Dubai and other popular cities across the UAE because of the traffic.

What Other Rules apply to Renting a Car with New License in Dubai?

We have established that it is possible to hire a car with a license. However, there are other important rules that car renters should know before they venture into visiting a car rental company. Let us check them out.

  • Specific Documents are required

Whether you are a national or tourist, there are specific documents that you must present at the car rental firm before you are allowed to rent a car. Nationals must have a valid driving license issued within the borders of the UAE, Emirate ID, passport, and a copy of the residence visa. 

Visitors are required to present an International Driving Permit issued in their home country, visitor’s visa, passport, and a valid driving license. If your driving license is below one year, you will be advised to rent a car with a driver.

  • Payment of Electronic Toll “Salik”

Renters have the responsibility to pay Salik Charges that may apply while using a rental car, even when using a driver. You will be charged directly to your bank card through the car rental company when you go through any toll gate that uses the Salik toll system in the city.


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