We all love long trips!

A long trip will change you psychologically and physically. Having little money or time is not a valid excuse for not traveling. Today, airlines charge lesser than they did several years ago. And if you have a family and a full-time job, traveling on the holidays or weekends is a good choice. However, you have to prepare for many things before going on any long trip. By planning for your journey, you will spend your vacation time properly and enjoy all the benefits of taking the break. 

If you are you planning a road trip? A rental car is an excellent transportation mode for your journey, whether you are leaving from home or traveling to your destination. It could save you money by preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, as well as expensive maintenance.

We’ve assembled a list of things you should do before leaving for any long trip.

– Buy Travel Insurance

It is more critical when planning to travel outside your country. The market offers a wide range of travel insurance options and plans. Nevertheless, you should go for travel insurance covering lost luggage, trip cancellation, evacuation, and emergency medical.

A long trip is an investment in happiness. But if it starts with a canceled flight, a missing bag, a missed connection, or any other travel hiccup, the excellent travel feeling will fade. Travel insurance will help make the situation better. It will reimburse you for the additional travel expenses, lost prepaid expenses, or lost luggage.

Buy Travel Insurance


– Get an International Driver’s License

When planning an international trip, most people think about pleasant things alone. They mostly think about sampling the local cuisine, sightseeing, and learning about other cultures. However, if your trip will involve driving, you should be ready for the unfavorable situations that may arise when driving on foreign country roads.

The local police may stop you from traffic violations, or you might get involved in an accident. In such cases, an international driver’s license will be necessary. Your home country driver’s license will not be recognized on its own in many countries. International driver’s license is recognized in 186 countries.

– Ensure that You Have Enough Passport Pages

It might look evident to many travelers. However, you should always ensure that you have enough passport pages, particularly if you need travel visas. Some people suddenly realize that their passport has run out of pages when in foreign countries. That can be a complex situation.

Some countries will only put a visa on a visa page. In other words, if your passport has no empty visa pages, the “amendments page” will not be helpful. Furthermore, if your passport will expire within six months of the trip, some countries may not allow you to enter.

For example: The United States ended the option of buying additional passport pages. Officials did that to improve the security of passports. So, if you do not have enough pages, you will have to apply for another passport. Get a 54 pages passport instead of the 24 pages one.

– Get the Right Visa

It also looks obvious. However, many people have been turned away after landing at their destination for lack of the proper visa. If this happens, you will not leave the airport. They will force you to fly back to your country on the available flight. That means that this small mistake can cost you a lot of money. So, get the relevant visa before leaving your country.

– Visit Your Doctor

Visiting a doctor before taking any trip is essential. By doing that, you will update or fill up your prescriptions and discuss any other measures you should take. Further, you might need to get several vaccinations depending on the country you are planning to visit.

– Prebook At Least One Night’s Accommodation

You can be a spontaneous, adventurous, structured, or a planned traveler. But still, you have to book at least one night’s accommodation before leaving your country. You do not want to deal with the stress associated with finding a place to stay after landing in a new country. Booking in advance will provide you with the peace of mind you need when traveling.

– Print a Few Copies of Your Accommodation Reservation and Tickets

While most places will accept a copy of a reservation save on your laptop or smartphone, you must have several hard copies. The hard copies will come in handy in places without Wi-Fi or cell service.

On the other hand, not everyone will accept a digital copy of your tickets. So, they might force you to buy a new ticket, including when you have a confirmation number. You do not need it to occur because you will end up losing money. So, make several hard copies of all your tickets.

– Make a Few Copies of Your Passport

You have to make copies of your passport for two reasons. First, you will have a copy if you lose the passport. Secondly, some accommodations will require one copy.

Besides, all car rental companies will need a copy of the passport to allow you to drive their car.

– Buy a Survival Kit

A survival pack will contain Neosporin, Band-Aids, ibuprofen, eye mask, earplugs, sleep aid, headphones, hand sanitizer, and prescription medication. The items are important.

Things You Must Do Before Setting Out for a Long Trip


– Change All Your Bills to Autopay

If you have already set your bills to pay automatically, then you do not have to do that again when traveling. Alternatively, you can pay them before leaving your country. You do not want to get penalized for paying your bills late.

– Ask the Post Office to Hold Your Mails and Packages

You can follow a few steps to have the post office hold your mail while on a long trip. After choosing this option, the post office will stash your letters and packages securely. Again, you can ask your friend to pick up the mail, particularly if you plan to travel for a long time.


As you travel to many parts of the globe, you will come to realize that the world is a better place – contrary to what you read in the news or see on TV. Always plan for your long trips to avoid spending more money than you had budgeted. Above, we have stated some of the things you should do when planning for your long trips. They will help you avoid making mistakes and the stress associated with travel.

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