Rent a Car With or Without a Driver

Rent a Car With or Without a Driver depends on you. You need to decide whether you want to enjoy a self-drive or sit back to watch around!

Car rental is the best choice when traveling to the wanderlust-inducing and remote pl

aces with hidden gems like hilltop views, mountains, and beautiful waterfalls. A rental car will also provide the freedom you need to reach many places. The public transport systems, such as buses and trains, only allow you to reach few spots and do not offer end-to-end transportation. That means you will have to walk from the drop-off location to your place.

After discovering the benefits of rental cars, you will have to decide between rentals with a driver and self-drive rental cars. You will enjoy the sceneries by renting a car with a driver, but you should also expect some risks. The following pointers will support you in making an intelligent decision.

When Renting a Car with a Driver Can Be Important?

When Renting a Car with a Driver Can Be Important

Driving can be a core, and it can be enjoyable too. When traveling to a new place for business, you will need to hire a car with a driver. By choosing such a car rental, you will also manage to catch many beautiful views without distractions. Here are the other reasons you would want to hire a car with a driver:

– The Drivers are Locals and a Good Source of Recommendations

The drivers live in the area. Therefore, their knowledge about the attractions and establishments makes them a valuable source of recommendations. They will supplement some of your travel plans with restaurants and many other places to visit.

– You Will Never Get Lost

Driving in a new place can be a huge challenge. While the market offers many directional apps and navigation devices, some people get lost due to various circumstances. You can avoid that by renting a car with a driver. The driver will be well-versed with the new place’s roads, meaning that you will be safe during your travel. You will never get lost.

– You Will Always Have a Designated Driver

If drinking is part of your life, you will always have a driver to take you home. You would never want to drink and drive because you will be putting your life at risk. After hiring a car along with a driver, you will enjoy your drink, and the driver will accompany you to your home or hotel room.

When Renting a Car without a Driver is Important?

When Renting a Car without a Driver is Important

While a rental car with a driver comes with many benefits, some situations will require you to hire a rental car without a driver. Here are some of the factors that will force you to rent a car without a driver.

– Need for Privacy

Late evenings and weekends might be the only time you spend with your friends and family. At such times, you would not want an unknown driver to listen to your conversations, laugh at every joke you crack, or even simper at your dilemmas. That might get worse if you rent a car with a driver for a several days trip. When traveling as a couple, the romance will disappear immediately you enter the car.

– Safety is Your Top Priority

When renting a car with a driver, you should know that some drivers might be exhausted after working for many hours. But after hiring a self-drive car, you will remain in control. You have full authority of the driving speed.

– Need for Freedom

By going for a self-drive car rental, you will enjoy more freedom. You have the choice of leaving your house sooner than you had planned or at any time. There will be no need to hurry because you will not be dealing with a running meter. Further, you will not be dealing with a driver who has to ferry other people. You can stop at any place too.

– Cost Benefits

In addition to conveniences, self-drive car rentals are cheaper than rental cars with a driver. They will cost you nearly half the amount you would pay for a car with a driver. Perhaps, you would want a cheap car rental.

What You Need to Know About Renting a Car?

To reserve a car easily, you will need to use the offered mobile app or online platform. Many rental companies provide frequently asked questions sections on their sites to make the booking easy. You can visit the part if you encounter any problem or call customer support.

Further, you must do adequate research about the car protection, add-ons, and the extras you need for your trip. Decide on the method of payment to use before you get to the counter. Here are the other things to keep in mind when renting a car.

– The Type of Car to Rent

When renting a car, you should consider the number of people you will be transporting. Most small cars have small trunks. So, when traveling as a group or going for extended vacations, you will need a larger car. When renting a luxury car, you might need to choose one with a driver.

– The Extras You Need

It is another important factor. Consider whether you need a prepaid fuel tank, a GPS, a child seat, or an additional driver. The extras will cost you more money.

– Your Age

People below the age of 25 might need to have an older passenger when driving a rental car. That is a good way of avoiding driver surcharges. Renting a car with a driver may also be advisable.

– The Drop off Time

You will need to return a car earlier than the agreed time to eliminate penalty chances. Most people have ended up returning their rental cars after the agreed time after running into traffic or encountering some other delays.

You would want to avoid the adverse effects of such scenarios.

– The Payment Method

When searching for the best car rental deals, the payment method should be among the top considerations. If you have to pay in advance, use your debit or credit card. Ensure that the card is registered under your name or that of the driver.


Demand for the best services at a lower price is high. That is not different in the rental car world. While some people might own cars, they prefer renting cars. That is why car rental companies offer a wide range of vehicles to match every budget. They also allow people to drive cars they would not afford. The above tips will help you choose between chauffeur drive vehicles and self-drive cars.

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