Staying In Abu Dhabi vs Dubai

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are part of the emirates in UAE, they are the most popular emirates because the former is the capital city and the government seat of UAE and the latter is known for many things, but in one word is the commercial city of Dubai and also the busiest in UAE.

Both city are just an hour and a half away from each other, the distance is not far but it may be stressful.

There is always a dilemma where travelers are stuck in making a decision either to visit the capital city holding the power of the UAE or the commercial city of UAE. Some may also be thinking of taking their taste further to explore the city of Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

We shall be highlighting these two abundant cities with their unique qualities.

Abu Dhabi

As stated earlier, Abu Dhabi is the seat of government, this makes the city quieter and not with many activities other than government activities.

Despite the skyscrapers in Dubai, you can still land yourself in the underdeveloped part of the city but this is not the case in Abu Dhabi, you will know that you are in the capital city of UAE.

There are no night activities here like Dubai, instead, you will be seeing the majority of government workers probably just coming back from office. Despite their large population, there are little or no activities when the sun goes down.

Abu Dhabi Skyline

Special Sights in Abu Dhabi

If you decide to visit Abu Dhabi, there are some special locations you can go to.

1. The Grand Mosque

The grand mosque is one of the best mosques you will ever see, the architectural design is just so amazing. If you are a Muslim and you are planning a trip to the UAE, the grand mosque should be your first stop. It is one of the most elegant Muslim building structures you will ever see. For females, you should come with a full-length hooded gown or scarf to cover your hair, the entrance to this mosque is also free to Non-Muslims except on weekends.


2. Ferrari World

For car enthusiasts, you should stop at Abu Dhabi where you can visit the Ferrari world. The Ferrari world has a wide range of vintage and modern cars. This location is a top attraction in Abu Dhabi. Also, if you’re planning to hire luxury car for you stay, visit


3. Falcon Hospital

This is one of the unique hospitals in the world, the hospital is known for taking care of falcons exclusively. While visiting the hospital, you will have the opportunity to hold one of the falcons.

Falcons play an important role in the Arab culture and tradition hence the purpose of this hospital. It is a symbol of force and courage. You may get lucky to feed one of them.



4. Cornice

This is a popular beach location in Abu Dhabi, an interesting spot for beach-goers.


Best Places To Stay in Abu Dhabi

1. Royal Rose Hotel

This hotel is great for travelers to mind their budgets. Their decor is French made and has a touch of gold. The location is close to Corniche, which is cool. They charge $77 per night.

2. Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel

This hotel is luxurious and classy, if you want to enjoy your money in Abu Dhabi, then this hotel is a perfect spot. You will have free access to their private beach and there is staff available to tend to your need. What you only need to do is to relax and enjoy your stay.

3. Sofitel Abu Dhabi Cornice

This hotel is a beauty and top-notch for a standard hotel. They have a pool bar, and they charge at $150 per night.



Dubai is a city of glitz and glamor and there is hardly anyone in this century who has not heard of this city. It is a home for marvelous structures and skyscrapers.

Some of the workers in Abu Dhabi opt to live their after-work lives in Dubai because there are more activities there.

Dubai Skyline

Special Sights In Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world is a top attraction in Dubai. The building has a total of 163 floors. It is a must-visit in Dubai when the weather is clear, you can see a wide proportion of the city, so you should always be sure that the weather is fog-free before going to the top.


2. Jumeirah Beach

This is a home of luxury and a lively location in Dubai, the palm is the most notable location because of the Atlantis hotel and Aqua water park. There are also other pools and beaches in this location.


3. Dubai Magical Gardens

The Alice in Wonderland-themed garden is majorly covered with flowers. The most fascinating is the constructed Emirates A380 plane covered with over 500,000 flowers making the constructed plane weigh about 100 tonnes and it is also the world’s largest floral installation. The Dubai weird magical garden is one of the best sights in the city.


Where To Stay in Dubai

1. Xva Art Hotel

Staying at this modern hotel that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia’s world is quite overwhelming. They charge $150 per night.

2. Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

This hotel is quite expensive but you don’t need to worry about anything as all your needs are being catered for. The rate is $630 per night.


So, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a quiet location and more conservative than Dubai because it does not have many activities. Dubai has many options for both day and night activities.

Also, hotels and transportation like taxis are costlier in Abu Dhabi than Dubai because Dubai has more hotels and means of transportations which gives you many options.

Dubai is the ultimate city of fun, it is always good to experience both but don’t expect much fun in Abu Dhabi except the nice view of the city. If you love to enjoy a quiet life, consider Abu Dhabi.

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