Taxi’s Guide in Dubai For Tourists

With over 3 million residents and another million expatriates, it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The increasing population has resulted in a growing demand for taxis in Dubai. 

A lot of people prefer to hire a rental car taxi as they are more comfortable than public transport and they can keep their luggage with them while traveling through Dubai. There are many companies offering taxi services in Dubai but not all these companies follow the same standards required by law to operate legally in this region.

If you want to hire a taxi from Dubai then here is a guide that will help you choose a reliable company:

Tourist Guide

A taxi driver will help you with directions when visiting any place in Dubai as well as when traveling from one place to another. He will also tell you about the places where he has been before so that he knows what should be avoided when visiting a particular location or area. He will also remind you about other places that are worth visiting during your stay in Dubai along with providing tourist information about their attractions and facilities which are available for public use.

Decide your Route in Advance

Talk to your taxi driver about your destination before you get inside the cab. You should also tell him how long you want to stay in this place and what kind of accommodation you need. The driver will then decide which hotel or hostel he wants to take you to.

Never Give your Passport to Anyone

Do not let anyone take your passport from outside or inside the car if it happens at all; this is very common especially when there is heavy traffic on the road and many people are trying to cross over it at once! You shouldn’t get lost or get stolen as well because when this happens, it means that someone else can use your passport as well which may cost a lot of money or even worse – prison time!

Small Safety Measures

Always ask the driver to take you to their hotel or destination of choice. Most drivers will not agree unless they feel that you have enough money to pay for their service. Moreover, it is important that you are always aware of where you are going and what time you will get there as this is a safety measure. If the taxi driver takes you on a long route and tells you that he has no way of finding your destination then make sure that they do not get lost and end up taking you somewhere else!

Some Tips that will Help you Choose a Reliable Company

  • Check out their license number or registration number before hiring their services;
  • Make sure that you get an idea about their terms and conditions before hiring their services;
  • Ask for a copy of their license before hiring their services;
  • Make sure that they offer 24-hour customer service;

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